Distractions in the world today…ooo something shiny

With everything going on in the world today, it can be sometimes hard to focus on just one thing.

This past week, the world was introduced to Caitlyn Jenner. Caitlyn Jenner was Bruce Jenner. He had stated in the interview how free she is now because she is no longer living a lie and finally be comfortable. This itself was amazing. Someone living their truth and being comfortable finally in the skin they are in. The world celebrated her being a hero and brave and it brought new light on the transgender community. As of course with anything, there is back lash. Some people calling her a science project or experiment while other starting of course bringing religion ( especially the catholic religion into it) and more.  And since we have a tendency in this new world to meme everything

Meme about bruce jenner
Meme about Akon and Caitlyn Jenner

Now while the meme above shows something positive about Akon and what he is doing for Africa , it had to show negativity about Bruce Jenner’s transformation with the hashtag Society. This doesn’t make sense to me because :

1) Why do we have to show something positive while downing something else. This meme was completely unnecessary. What Akon is doing is wonderful but it should not take away from what truth Bruce now Caitilyn is living. Each has there place.

2) Just because you feel some way about it, does not always mean you need to express it. Sometimes I swear society has lost touch with the saying ” if you cant say something nice, then don’t say it at all or better yet ” If you dish it , you have to able to take it”

Yes there was plenty of coverage about Bruce Jenner’s transformation but It does not dim the light on what Akon is doing. He is helping a country that for some reason the rest of the world sees as a burden and trying to help them help themselves.

I then saw all these images about people who should be held in brave regard and not Caitlyn and while I am not mad for people finding things and images for what is considered brave, it provoke a conversation about what should be brought to light to share and not diminish.

Again, because your news feed (whether facebook, twitter, google, instagram or how ever you get news) shows all this doesn’t mean you necessarily had to read about it from every source. It always amazes me when people bitch about things when something like this could have just been read on one source and move your happy ass on to something else.

It is tiring seeing how much people do not want to do anything but then get mad when they feel their freedom might be taken away. Let’s get real. Freedoms for humans have been slowly been taken away when common sense became a super power rather than the norm.

( bringing back on track)

There are so many thing that distract us these days that it can be sometimes it can be hard to decipher what is important to you but as with everything, you can work out your own filters. Yes, let us go back to using our brains.

It requires a bit of mental gymnastics. ( yes you have to use that 5 lb mass sitting in your skull)

Copyright : Live Science

While we know the brain is extremely powerful, the part in which information from outside comes from  is controlled in some aspects by you.

if you had your fill anything Jenner or kardashian related, maybe its time to cutback on reading any entertainment feeds. Hell , your brain sometimes need a break from anything even if you love it. Example. I love the red velvet Oreo but I can’t eat them all the time. 2 per serving and I really do not want to gain any extra weight my frame can’t handle.

Put down the smartphone for 30 mins a day. It is not a lot time to unplug from your phone. Most won’t remember what that there was a world without some device being in your hands at all times.

Take that time to meditate and center your self. Find a quiet place , turn off tv and such and just breathe. Relax yourself for those 30 mins. You will probably be surprised to know that the world didn’t stop and your friends didn’t freak out cause you were detached for 30 whole minutes ( OMG ) Yeah you will survive. This is part of the reason why our attention spans these days are shorter than a goldfish. ( Let that marinate a bit and get embarassed )

Remember there is a huge world out there and maybe it is also time to improve your social skills and become a human being again.

OGbklyn Girl
Introducing me

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