Procrastination is your friend…..sometimes


I have an issue with success. I know that sounds very full of oneself but please allow me to explain. I have a wonderful interest in photography to the point of two huge Nikon cameras (D70 and D200). Yes I know they are older cameras but they work just as well as when I first purchased them. (I take care of my stuff).

My problem is that I was doing free shoots for at least 3 years honing my craft and getting my skills up and you know how it is once you start doing things for free, everybody expects you to be free for the rest of your life.

During the beginning of my 4th year, i began to charge and to me it wasn’t too extravagant. $200 to $400 for the shoot depending on what the needs of the client were (hair, makeup and such).

I did not build in the fact of my time editing and touching up the images. It was all going well until one day I got burned by this girl and her half ass manager. Did a 1 and half hour shoot with her , three different looks ,minimal makeup and hair changes and yet I was accused making her look older than 17 (which i did not considering my makeup is extremely talented and gas worked with me on several shoots so she knows my style) and the girl’s mother was right there and saw every look.


After the plethora of phone calls and emails, I gave the money back and I made his happy ass sign an agreement that if my images showed up anywhere, he was getting sued.


This incident of course showed me how ridiculous people can be especially when it comes to images. I know people have a way they feel about the way they look but the camera doesn’t lie. Hate to burst your bubble but you can’t bitch about too much Photoshop but you want  your happy ass need to blurred past the Flash standards (comic book reference)

Now this long diatribe was just to show how long it has actually taken me to be inspired to shoot (especially people and I am not talking about murder) 😁

I have procrastinated in my life because I am afraid of success. I can finally admit it. I have shot for local magazines and test shot for model agencies so I do not know what I am afraid of. Hell, I have seen some photographer’s work that I view  as sub par ( yeah I’m judging) that are doing fabulous things that I could only dream of.


So I am pulling my happy ass of my shoulders and getting my life on the road hence the reason for this blog. I have written blogs before but I always felt the need to be PC aka politically correct so to be liked by the masses forgetting that the masses though will grumble actually  like people being themselves and honest.

Also sending a special shout out to my 2 followers of my blog. Thanks so much 😪😁😪😁😪😁😪😁😪

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