You can’t always get what you want… unless you work for it and even then…….

I have been a people watcher for a very long time. I have probably been watching people since the womb. When you are a people watcher , you also by default become almost and active listener. I have heard and seen people do and say things that sometimes I wonder what they mama raised them to be.

I saw that
I saw that

It always amazes me that people forget what they did, what they said and then will commence to bitch about why life isn’t fair. No let us be real. We all have talked about and judged people. ( Hell some even think it is their God given right to do so) but when are truly malicious in your intent to hurt whether mentally, physically or financially, You honestly cannot be angry when the world basically drops you on your ass.

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Karma is not what people always call a bitch. it is and always has been the great equalizer. If you do good, you get back good. If you do bad, you get back bad. It is really that simple. What people always forget though is whatever you do comes back three fold. So be very aware of your words.

I have a pretty decent relationship with karma because whenever I do or say something off color, I stub my toe or step on a Lego right away (Either one is extremely painful). My karmic retribution is very swift and I honestly appreciate that from karma.

I have a guilty pleasure in watching Love and Hip Hop ( all the incarnations) and you get to see people on their worst behavior. Back biting and the lying and then the all out disrespect to each other. But the behavior exhibited on the show and then what they show off the air, it almost seems like two different personalities.

I always wonder if the people on this show (or shows of this type) realize that what they did will come back to haunt them, whether through fans or just life. Some have moved on and have said Karma is on their side. Problem is Karma does not take sides. She just waits till you get comfortable then  WHAM ( BIG ASS MACK TRUCK DONE HIT YA)

mack truck
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In my own life, I have had karma come and take a seat. My father aka sperm donor ( no disrespect to my mom) has tried for the past 30 years tried to get back in my life. My father has not tried when i was little to even be apart of my life. He went on to be with a women and live his life . MY mother and father divorced when i was young and that was that. He made NO STEPS to be in my life so exactly why start now?

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Why try now? Going through my cousins who I do not have any relationship with and then basically cyber stalking to see where my name turns up. I cannot fathom talking to a man ( and I use the term loosely) who decided to leave and never come back. He wanted no relationship with me. His family felt my mom took me away from him for all these years as if his happy ass could not reach out. Call , write , hell email. He has not done any of these things. Instead he wanna go through agents.

FUCK THAT NOISE. If my father were a real man, he would step up by himself but instead he wanna be shady. I am my father’s Karma. All those years of what he did to my mom and lack of being a damn father. He is being paid back by me not wanting anything to do with him. If someone wants to call me spiteful and mean, then I will take that.

This is not Jerry Springer or Oprah. I do not want to be reunited with someone who did not make anytime for me for most of my life.

Karma please remain my friend no matter how good or bad I do. I rather pay for my bullshit now than years down the road.

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