Hello NEW AMERICA….. here is one of your candidates for the presidency of the USA

Yes I can run this country… into the ground

Well you have it folks. Donald Trump has put in his hat in the ring for becoming a candidate for president. He says he wants to make this country great again. What does that exactly mean coming from a man that could not even run his own businesses properly.  He has claimed Chapter 11 bankruptcies 4 times for his businesses . Now while this is not personal and so may say it wasn’t Trump’s fault, as we all know in this day and age, its about branding. The Donald Trump legacy has had its ups and downs, ( multiple marriages, divorces, wayward son and a daughter that actually has a sound business head.) I would honestly be more open to his daughter Ivanka running for presidency than him. ( but I digress)

In my humble opinion, Donald trump has made a mockery of the legacy he came from Frederick Christ “Fred” Trump.  His father embarked on a career as an entrepreneur through real estate development, building, and operating affordable rental housing via large apartment complexes in New York City, including more than 27,000 low-income multifamily apartments and row houses in the neighborhoods of Coney Island, Bensonhurst, Sheepshead Bay, Flatbush, and Brighton Beach in Brooklyn and Flushing and Jamaica Estates in Queens.[2]

The money that Donald has is mostly from his father and of course investments but sometimes the apple does not always fall from the tree.

He throughout Obama’s terms was always questioning of the man was truly born in America due to his name. I guess even when you get to the White House, your name can still hold you back in the eyes of some.  So now he wants to run this country and “make it great again”. I want him to explain how when this country has so much catching up to do with the rest of the world. Whenever I hear make it great again, it throws me int o the mindset of the 1950’s and prior when blacks were overtly mistreated. I know it seems I am playing the ethnicity card but sometimes you have to read between the lines with some people who wish to represent the USA. This country was built on immigrants and some how we still have problems with immigrants being here. What sense does this make?

Donald trump
Donald trump

But somehow this man can make it great again. We all know how much we love delving into the lives of people especially when they run for political office. It is almost like a moth to a flame to know everything about this person. And when the United States wants to dig up dirt, it digs up dirt. Donald Trump seems to forget it is all about perception and what can be proven and unfortunately for him, he has lived his life LOUD AND PROUD.  This will work for and against him. People will start digging into every little thing he has done. His failed marriages will be brought to bear. After all, this country loves the “Sanctity of marriage” oh wait only when it pertains to gays. His abrasiveness on his own TV show. His hair that never moves that may have basically caused the ozone depletion due to high use of Aqua net (OK that is a stretch but you get what I mean)

Hell, twitter is already going crazy with tweets about this so called farce. His daughter stated that her father means what he says. We know the man has no tact. That has been shown through most of his life. Sometimes I wonder if people honestly realize what they are getting into when they run for the president of the United States. It is not just about the US, it is about the world. The president is expected to meet with foreign nationals, Prime Ministers, Queens and  Kings. There will be a need for tact and diplomacy and unfortunately if he gets elected , will be following someone who brought goodwill across the globe. Other countries were praying that Obama won. I have never heard that for a president in  my lifetime.

The Republicans maybe as happy as a pig in slop for this candidate because they have clearly shown they do not give a shit about the working class, he will be their undoing just like Ms. Sarah Palin.  Just spouting off will just show while you don’t care what people may think, you are running for an office for which you have to govern your constituents and not everyone in the united states are billionaires. Hell if that was the case, this country would be fine with no debt and everyone living their hearts desires. Instead we are living in police states and race wars that no one wants to honestly fix even though it seems now it may be too late. Kinda of like how climate change did not happen and the polar ice caps were going to melt anyway.

it will definitely be an interesting race for these upcoming elections

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