Great. NOW I have to explain this to my child…. When did parents lose that right?


I realized in the past 15 years or so, parenting seems to have taken a serious drop. Besides the most horrific cases of people being horrible parents ( killing their kids, molesting babies , drugging their kids), I am trying to figure out when it was OK to be a passable parent. It seems these days parents do not want to do anything that involves them being a parent.  Now before any parents lose it, please realize that I am not talking about all of you. I have some people raise their children and those that have a village raise their kids . No, I am talking about those who view parenthood as an annoyance. Those that forgot that when you brought the child in the world, it became about them an not about you.

I am also writing from a perspective of an outsider looking in. I do not have children and I know children can annoy their parents. Hell, I annoyed my mom but that was part of growing up. Testing your parents patience as well as finding out what limitations you may have.

It seems though that when a parents belief system is questioned, then all of sudden it’s ” Now how do I explain this to a 4 , 5 , 6 or hell any age year old?”


Now when I had a question when I was younger, if my mom did not know , we would look it up. I know the library and actually looking for information in books maybe ancient to some. Hell google it and find all the information you can. You as a parent should be able to help your child information and then make an informed reason for whatever your child has question about. There is a young mind in front of you looking to you to give them a great answer.

But it seems that  in this modern age, there are still few topics that cause this question to be answered.The first time I saw this questioned posed was during the nipple gate of Superbowl XXXVIII or 2004. During the halftime, Janet Jackson was singing a song with Justin Timberlake. When it got to the part of the song , Imma have you Nekkid by the end of this song, He ripped her top and her breast was exposed. Was on TV for like 30 and the whole world aka How the US feels about itself went crazy.

Parents were in uproar about the “Nipple” and were confused as to how to explain this to a child. Now , Football is a sport played and part of american tradition. It is inherently violent and such and these athletes at peak physical condition are going up against each other for sports entertainment. The Superbowl is known for the halftime shows and usually ahead of time , everyone has an idea of who is performing.

It was an accident. I do not care how many people were saying Janet did it because she wanted to show she was still sexy and a viable person in the pop world. The explanation did not even have to be sexual. Nipples are found on men and women of any ethnicity so why not explain it as such. A black women’s breast was exposed.

Now you may not want your kids to know certain things at certain ages but i hate to tell ya, Kids surf the web in front of you and behind your back. This new generation are running around with smartphones so if you do not fully explain things to them, they may be getting the wrong information. There is nothing wrong with being an informed person.

it is really sad that your belief system can get in the way of teaching your child. I know this new world is a truly scary place at times but that does not take away from your parenting right to teach your children. You know longer have the luxury of letting TV and the internet teach your children. I know it seems like work but that is the job you signed up for when you brought this bundle of joy in the world.

Chobani recently released a commercial that featured a lesbian couple. It is pride month but why not celebrate love. Love is just love. I know that sounds very hippish but whatever. I was never raised to hate people based on ethnicity or sexual orientation. Of course the question came up how do i explain this to my child followed by ” America is going to hell, quotes from the bible, sodom, and every prejudice you can spit at anything that the weird majority views as normal.

Why is so wrong for a company to celebrate love? They seem to be a happy and healthy couple who are with each other. I saw nothing highly sexualized but I am seem to be in the minority.

I honestly will never understand the bible thumpers. Stop picking and choosing what to throw at people when it suits your beliefs. Biggest teaching is God is love and many people these days seem to have a problem with that concept in general.

Hell there was the uproar about the mixed race couple for the cheerios commercial and that was a man and woman.

Cheerios Commercial with Biracial family

I honestly hate to tell you folks but this is a brave new world we live in and your old ways of thinking will not cut it. While I am not asking to world to be over accepting, you should be more informed about what you have problems you are with others. Humans love to be contrary but the only constant in this world is change and if you are truly steadfast and not have a level of fluidity, you will be left behind and the world will classify as a ignorant ass.

Parents make sure you are teaching your children well and properly informed and try not to raise someone that may hurt someone that does not believe the same thing that they do. Teach them Well

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