White Washing of the Media… “Why does the suspect always mentally ill when Caucasian?

one of the faces of Domestic terror
one of the faces of Domestic terror

This picture here is of Dylann Storm Roof. He is a suspect in the shooting that took place on Wednesday night at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. One of the victims was Rev. Clementa Pinckney who was also a United States Senator.

The story is stated that the suspect left a survivor to tell everyone what he did and the survivor even told the press that one of the victims tried to talk him out of it and the suspect stated ” you rape our women and you are taking over our country”

Suspect at large in South Carolina

9 African American people lost there lives because of this Caucasian Man’s belief system. We have seen over the past 5 years of how many black lives have been lost and there is even a running tally of the deaths committed by Caucasians on black people from 2014.

Fox News stated that this was not about race but about faith. Seems very strange to me that in a church where people were praising God, god fearing Christians, the religion this country wants shove down everyone’s throat , this White man was attacking faith. ( How does this statement even make sense)

We know nothing about the killer’s motives except he was out to kill blacks and he chose a place of worship.

Please explain to me why he is still at large. Any other suspect of other ethnicity would have been found and probably killed.

But this is how the collective of police and enforcement handle Caucasian suspects. They will never shoot the suspects ( Sandy hook massacre) even when they brandish a deadly weapon.

The media will say he was quiet and kept to himself and say he is mentally ill. It is very strange how comfortable the media is with giving every white suspect who does something horrific the ” mentally ill” catchall. It says a lot about how they view Caucasians. Here is a White Male who basically has been told throughout history that they are the best for the world and that the world is theirs for the taking. These old lessons that have been taught and passed down forgot that as with anything, a change is going to come.  So why is the media OK with the mental ill when it comes to white suspects?

And why are white people comfy with that statement? Yes I know that no one ever wanted to take about someone being mentally ill and not wanting to go for help, but why is it the catchall when something horrible occurs?

He is not mentally ill. He knew what he was doing and it is proven by him leaving a survivor to tell the damn story. That is not a mentally ill person. That is someone who is focused on what their goal is. He is a racist. plain and simple. He set out to kill black people. He knew what he was doing.

And for those that do need mental help , why are they not given it? Why is it always too late? Why does no one ever see the signs? Mental health is nothing to be laughed at but we seem to just medicate and lock up. Why should he be lump in with those that actually need help? That is offensive.

We all know how this country feels about anything that isn’t white. ( be real about it) This whole I have a black friend BS, Muslims are terrorist shit and all the other bullshit stereotypes that are put on those non white.

I want to know when Caucasians actually lost power. Does someone know because you could have fooled me. They are in power everywhere and have been for centuries. We all know historically how brutal Caucasians were and are when it comes to dominating over people. Kingdoms were built from it. There is not one country on this planet that hasn’t had some form of Caucasian come in and either take over or try to.

I do not understand why some whites get upset. Your ancestors paved their way with blood ( even on their own) and you don’t expect people to want to be treated fairly. Where is your mind? This is not about the loss of power no matter how much your delicate psyches cannot understand it. Caucasians have shown how much they will milk the system they have built.Put all of the seeds of distrust among other ethnicities and come out Scott Free?

And it never ceases to amaze that most of  these serial killers and shooters are almost always white? What they fuck is not going on in your homes?? Why are these white men lashing out at the world that was built for them? I want an honest answer. Why the fuck are they so damn unhappy with what life gave them? Did it finally hit them that the world is bigger that the bullshit it was built on and that now you have to be on a level playing field as every other human being?

Domestic terrorists
Domestic terrorists

This is not an attack on white people. This is an attack on how the media views you when you “LASH OUT”

This young man knew exactly what he was doing and he should treated just as everyone else who commits a heinous crime. He should be given a pass just because he killed black people. The world needs to finally wake up that Black are just as important as another ethnicity and and have made great strides to move this world forward. These as with most of these shooting were innocent people. They did not know going to Church, they would lose their lives.

This message of hate that is being sent out to Blacks : No Hoodies, No Toy Guns, No Loud Music, No Praying , No Swimming and No Breathing. Seems as though this country is ready to go back to the 1950’s. I do not know when America got suck into a time warp but it is time to come back out.

Media, you need to label him like you label every other ethnicity that does anything like this : Thug, murderer, Domestic terrorist. He has laid this out for like shit on your doorstep and somehow you will treat as oh, he was mentally ill.

America has caught on to your Bullshit media. OWN UP TO IT AND TELL THE TRUTH!!!

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