What will you do with your life…. I am here to help

Inspiration has struck and this particular inspiration struck more than once in my life. My friends have told me more than once to be a life coach.  They tell me that I always have good ideas in how to get people to achieve their goals.  It is something that has come naturally to me. I guess inherently always wanted to help people find to their passion to get their life going in the right direction . It seems that even with strangers I can help push them to do what they feel is their passion in life.


It is always nice to help people achieve their goals and it always seems that I know someone who knows someone that can at least put them on the right track.

I an going to enjoy helping people get their minds right. what I realize is that being a life coach is not about offering advice on their personal life but helping them enhance their professional one.  One thing about me is I am honest ( sometimes to a fault) but that happens when you care. I have learned tact and then I have learned to be brutal .

I think the funniest aspect of this is that I can help people sight unseen. For example, my sister from another mister is getting married and I got to talk to her wedding planner. Her planner told me throughout our conversation about how passionate she is about planning and coordinating things and making sure everything is going A – OK .  She told me her husband is very supportive and she has been making excuses about why she hasn’t done it yet.

If not now, when? Colorful words on blackboard.
If not now, when? Colorful words on blackboard.

I basically told her she has till August to do this full time. She already had weddings going into 2016. How is this even possible? Does god have to place things right in front of your face for you to realize that your passion is right there?

She did tell me that the conversation we had resonated with her and i realized that god is helping me realize my passion.

I cannot wait to get certified and get started helping people while learning more about myself.what-is-life-coaching

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