Your Universe is as limited as your thoughts….. think positive


So today my mom has gone in for knee surgery. Now while that is considered a non life threatening surgery, We all know anything can happen when you open up the human body. I am nowhere close to being with her as I live in the Midwest and she lives on the east coast. ( do not call me a bad child, I grew up and moved and planning on moving to the west coast).

I put my heart and thoughts out in the universe that mom will be fine and my step dad will tell me every nuance of how she is doing. She told me she would be in the hospital for a week so I am hoping that I can call and talk to her if they allow her to have her cell phone.

I am wanting my mom to have a speedy recovery and that she will be able to walk better after physical therapy. Her mind has been so well that I do not want her to bummed. I want her to keep her positive thoughts she has for waking up everyday.

big universe out there
big universe out there

My mom has not always been the most positive person. She has mostly been a realist and sometimes that can be seen as a Debbie downer because life is not always fair.

My thoughts are racing every where today because I m worried about her, my boyfriend is getting on my nerves cause he needs attention like he doesn’t know I am worried about my mom ( even though he knows), my sis soon to be married has to get a new dress and her wedding is less that 2 weeks away and I currently working on getting my life in some semblance of order.

This is only an inkling of the amount of thoughts I have everyday and I have realized more than once that my thoughts are not always positive. In fact, sometimes my thoughts can be downright morbid and I bring myself down. ( See how you do not need anyone to help you when you are lost in your own head)

But that is the human animal.We love to over think and over do. We sometimes get so caught up in our head space that positive vibes or thoughts are bounced out to others. The universe is always open to our thought and just like with food, you rep what you sow. If you think your day will be bad, then it will be.

This is why we have to change our thought process. We have to make sometimes and extreme effort. So I am putting a challenge to myself to be nothing but positive for the next 7 days. This includes my mom, my sis and my boyfriend as well as all the people who mean the most to me.

well oiled machine
well oiled machine

the way we think

I need to make this change. It is no longer a want but a need. I need to feel that everything will be ok and good. My mom will be back to her kick ass self in a week, My sis will find the most beautiful dress ever, I will learn to drive with out over worrying and that I can teach a class. ( See how I put those all out in the universe)

That’s the hard part thinking about it and feeling good about the thoughts. That feeling when all of sudden everything is lighter. Your stomach is not flip flopping and you are almost a moment of Zen. You want to find a way to keep this feeling and there are few ways I have found that have helped me.

1) Keep a journal. It amazing how powerful it is to write something into existent. Just looking at your statement will make you feel better.

2) Meditate. I do not mean become a yoga guru or yogi overnight. I mean find a quiet space for about 30 mins and just take deep breaths. Clear your mind of the clutter and focus on a something cool, nice, and serene. think of  place where your worries will wash away. You will be surprised how much those 30 minutes will help.

3) talk a walk or jog. Get your blood flowing. Plug in your headphones and walk or jog to your favorite tunes. Along your journey if you are lucky to find a park, take a sea and enjoy nature. I know it can be harder in big cities but not impossible.


Journals are great to have
Journals are great to have

So get out there and let the universe work for you.


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  1. All the best to your mum x

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    1. janadd76 says:

      Thank you hun. My mom got through the surgery like a champ 🙂

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      1. Oh good, I’m glad to hear it 🙂


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