Honesty is the best policy….. especially with yourself

My whole life I have always wondered why people are never truly honest.  Let’s be clear. I am talking Truly Honest.

We live in a world now where the PC aka Politically correctness of the world has brought us to point of breaking as humanity. People want to act appalled when horrible things happen in the world but that is one of the aspects of human nature. We have all seen how belief systems can transform someone from being a great human being to a degenerate and capable of hurting everything around them based solely on their belief systems.


The reason why people need to be honest with each other is because the truth sets you free. It always has. When you tell the truth, you never have to remember the lies you told. I grant you that it will not be easy. After all, the first step is looking inside and I can tell you, we do not always like what we see. Sometimes looking in the mirror is the hardest thing to do. As we grow up, we develop so many filters to behave and conform so one will view you as anything but normal. ( Remember Normal, oh he was such a quiet man , so nice meanwhile there are heads in the fridge). Extreme but you get my point. When you are not telling your truth, your mind has to go through so many hoops and tricks just to maintain some level of sanity.


I know it is frightening. You have to be honest with the world around you and as of late the world has shown itself to be a very cruel place. But as with anything, there is a balance that is needed. For every bad , there is good. To be the change you want to see in the world, you become the change ( cliche but true). Why is truth great?? Because it helps you see who loves you, who cares, who will be your friend, you will be your enemy, what relationship to foster and those to let go.

My whole life I have had people be open and honest with me. I guess I just have that kinda of face. I like it personally. helps me have good relationships with people and realize that I can talk to them and they be honest with me in return.

The other issue that arises is when people say things and how they do not want a response. Ummmm. I do not know what world where we developed this shit from but there is no way realistically that you say or do something and not expect a response. It has never worked that way. Nowhere in nature does nothing happen when something does.

And you all have probably experienced it. Someone comes at you sideways yet does not want you to say anything in return. The only time I have seen that happens is when people respect their parents and even then you will mumble under your breath. You cannot tell me something about myself without me having a response.  I am not talking about being combative. I am talking about just having a response.


I had a lady at my job asked me about my vacation. She had noticed that I had submitted it many times She was advising me on how to do it and I listened then explained to her that I had someone else tell em as well. She then asked what my vacation was for. Now in my mind, why do you need to know because you are not my boss but I told it for my Sister’s wedding. She then decided to let me know when have inventory and was curious if my boss knows. I said yes, I told my boss and store manager months ago. ( when you are made the Maid of Honor, you kinda have to be there) She was like well inventory is on the 29th. So I said , what does that have to do with the 2nd of July. She was taken aback and then said well we have reconciliation.  I said well we have 2 days to get it done so I ask you again, what does the 29th have to do with the 2nd? ( Yes I caught and attitude but I had every right.)

You are not going to question why I need vacation when it well outside the parameters to take it and two that is 3 days. I thing we can get it done.

She then wrote an email to my boss and said I got snippy with her. My boss told me and said she giggled at the email. Again, when people know the person you are, they will know what to expect. Anyone who has worked with me (especially in a store environment) I have a low tolerance for bullshit people and unfortunately in retail, there are usually some bullshit people where you look at them and go how the hell did you get this job???


Just remember if you are an asshole, stay one unless you are the one that wants to make the change. Only you can change your circumstances and get yourself to the life you want to have.

Your true self will love you, your true family and friends will love you and the rest of the world who doesn’t well they lose.

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