Planet fitness….. I’m glad i have a workout partner

Happy Hump day. Well, today I went back to gym with my friend Sarah. Yes I said back to the gym. I haven’t been in about 6 months and I hate myself. I wasted about 120 dollars by not using this membership. Now before anyone yells at me (and you could), you would have to tell me that you have not ever wasted money on a monthly service before.


My gym is planet fitness out here in Omaha, NE ( Go Huskers?!?!) I know nothing about college football. Any hoo, The gym is about 2 blocks away from my house. ( yes, My laziness knows no bounds) . Now the reason I picked Planet Fitness is because there is no gym intimidation. Everyone is there for their own reasons and no one really judges. The cool thing about this gym is that it is open 24 hrs. I love that. That means you have the freedom to go at 4:oo am if you choose to and probably just zone out on the treadmill or work your core when no one is looking.

That is the freedom it allows but I will tell you, I like going to the gym with my friend Sarah. I met Sarah at a job I have out here and We have been cool ever since. I Love the fact that Sarah and I can talk about anything and be honest about it. We cover so many different topics that it being on a treadmill for 30 minutes just breezes by. We also try different routines when you go to trick our bodies and shock it to different exercises. One of the other reasons I like going to gym with a friend is because I do not want the perception of being by myself.


Now I know full well that nobody at the gym gives a hot damn if I  show up alone. After all this gym is all about being comfortable in your own skin and work out at your pace. I think my issue has to do with my astrological sign, Libra.

Libras have a tendency to do things in pairs no matter what. It seems inherent and I think I like the fact that we can boost each other up and help each other out to get in better shape. Now only to be more consistent with going 🙂

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