Same sex marriage legalized….. Time for the stupidity to show its head

well gals and guys. The United States of America has legalized same sex marriage for all 50 states. This means every state that had held out now has to pass this law and acknowledge same sex marriages.

Ha ha church and state were made separate for a reason. No one entity will have more power than the other. I guess people forgot you need a license to get married. These licenses are from the state, not the church.  No matter what your religious beliefs, you need a license to get married. All the U.S. Government is saying is that we are recognizing the lesbian and gay communities to have the right to be married.
Now for all of you that thinks this heterosexuals somehow this affects you, it doesn’t . I am heterosexual and I am very happy my gay and lesbians friends can get married. They deserve the same rights as I do considering they work and pay taxes in country that has taken this long to acknowledge this right.

Guess what? The term will just be marriage. Not I’m going to a gay wedding or a lesbian wedding. I’m going to a wedding to see two souls get married.

What the diarrhea monkey fuck? I have seen people taking about they are going to another country cause America is going to hell. No shit Sherlock. The world is going to hell and two people of the same sex is not I repeat is not part of it. Let’s see. Famine, pestilence, hate, terrorism are part of the reasons why the world is going to America. I sometimes think some of these asinine people just want to have 15 minutes of fame by someone covering their ignorant tweets on buzzfeed.  Some fools saying they are going to Canada. Umm Canada has legalized same sex marriage for about 10 years so run if you want but you ignorance is gonna slap you right in the face.

  Happy marriage day for all. Now go be on insurance and file those joint taxes like every other American.

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