Hustle hustle hustle #teamnosleep…….. F*&K That


I have seen it constantly on the New Entrepreneur. Team No Sleep or I am up before and I sleep after you. Listen, I get the whole making your fortune and working your ass off but do not kill yourself in the process.

1) No one will give a damn about the struggle except those closest to you. They will be the ones to put up with your all nighters and stressful days. This is all about making life easier for you and possibly your family ( If you have one).

2) What the hell are you doing? I have seen some people hustle themselves to their deathbed. No NO NO. This “hustling” is so you can enjoy your life not die trying.

3) Make sure whatever you are doing, you are truly passionate about. If you aren’t sure, I suggest doing a personality test and reading the books ” What color is my parachute?” and “Do what you are”. These two books will help lead you in the right direction for sleepless nights.

4) I’ll sleep when I am dead. No, you will just be dead. ( I don’t have a funny anecdote)

5) Sleeping is part of human nature. It is built in, It helps restore you and make a better person to hustle and make your dreams reality. ( I personally love sleeping)


6) You see your favorite stars ( or reality stars) living the life you want but truly ask yourself, is it the life you want? You sometimes have to delve deeper than the surface. Do you want what they have (house, cars, clothes, getaways) or do you want what money truly brings in its purest sense, peace of mind.  Many people will say I am doing so my mom, family etc does not have to work and they can give them everything. I do not see anything wrong with that.

7) You have to make sure whatever you are doing brings in income while you sleep. ( I told you I like sleep).  You should have enough revenue streams that you wake up and your bank is a heavy 6 or 7 figures.

8) Do not be mad at the world doing the fun things without you. It is a fact you will have to forgo certain things while building your empire. Reason is you know what your end game is and it may not be the same as your friends.

9) Let envy and jealously go. Give them walking papers now. Those muthafukas will have you stressed cause you are not getting what you want right away.  You signed up for this so let patience be your friend.

10) No matter what you are doing, you have to market yourself or get some help. I am sure with everyone you may know, they are someone or know someone who will be able to help you out.

11) It takes money to make money is not a false statement and avoid being too cheap. Find someone who will work with you on a project basis if necessary. Sometimes, that may be all you need until you see steady flow of income.

12) BE THANKFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In this world, we sometimes forget to just say thank you. Whether or not you believe in a higher power, stay thankful. You will be surprised how that one trait can open doors.

13) Find a Mentor. With all the resources around these days, it still boggles that we feel we are alone out there. We aren’t. Hell call in some favors if you have too but find someone who is in the same business and respect the time they give to talk to you. Again, it may not be an ongoing relationship but it could be.

14) Make sure to maintain or improve your health. No good chasing a dream while your health deteriorates.

Be good to yourselves and get some damn sleep 😉

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