Somebody’s getting married

Well my illustrious readers, my blog will be quiet for the 4 days. My sister is getting  married and since I am the Maid of Honor, I will be helping with every last detail.


One thing about my sister getting married is what she has gone through and still going through. Broken contracts and such made me realize why it takes so long for this one day of your life to come together. People will tell you all type of articles about how to do weddings on a budget and DIY. That is great and all but what do you when someone is paid to do something and then proceeds to have selective amnesia, I call shenanigans.

I look forward to seeing my sis walk down the aisle and crying tears of happiness for her  and her hubby. I know it will be a wonderful day but karma will equalize all wrong that has been done to her.


Have a great 4th all

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