I know why Bridezilla is a true term…

Well well well. I am back from 4 days of a wonderful clusterf*&k that was my sister’s wedding. Now before anyone says “but that’s your sister” First I am not calling my sister nor my new brother in law a clusterf*&k. What I am referring to is everything that happened leading up to that day. My boyfriend and I arrived on Thursday afternoon. As we waited patiently at Dallas/Fort Worth International airport for my sister and so to be hubby to pick us up, we strike a conversation with a gentleman who has been at the airport since 6 am. ( it was 2: 30 pm when we landed. The man was surprisingly calm considering airport foolishness). My sis Dani is texting us saying she is on her way and that traffic is really bad. WTF Dallas?!?!?! Do you guys just gives licenses out? I have never seen more psychic drivers aka you know I am gonna cross four lanes without signaling drivers in my f*&king life???crossing lanes

So when  she finally arrives, she hugs me like she hasn’t seen me in forever. ( its been about 2 years) and we hop in. It seems they have been back and forth to the airport 3 times that day yet we were that only ones they were supposed to pickup that day. ( And so it is begins).

We get to the hotel, check in and then Dani and I are off to the nail salon. We were late for that appointment. Basically this wedding was a series of being late for everything. And her wedding planner though great in some respects, lousy in others.  There is a reason why you should just concentrate on your passion. Her scatter brain caused my sister to have mini breakdowns and instead of her just telling me about driver and contacts and all I needed to know, it never fucking happened. imagesimages (1)

Being the maid of honor means I block my sis from the BS. That is what is involved. Instead, everybody wants to keep shit close to the chest when it is unnecessary.

1) I do not want your job. I am her to make sure Dani only worried about what she needed to.

2) I only needed pertinent info like the van driver , when the van needed to be back and times for every fucking appointment.

3) I want my sis to be happy. We know how wedding days can be so for fuck sake let’s make the bride happy.

Not only were we late for everything ( nails, rehearsal dinner, wedding rehearsal, even the wedding itself) but my sis had to basically play catch up and get everything done almost herself. What is the point of hiring someone when shit just doesn’t go as promised.


The funniest late was the rehearsal dinner. She booked it for twelve people and about 40 showed up. I guess she forgot that putting dinner on the itinerary that people would not have to pay for that somehow people were not going to show up. Seriously, where was the brain lapse on that one.?

The groom’s sister Celi had to work that out and help Dani with this. Again, planning gone wrong. If Dani only wanted her bridal party there, then do not give that out to everybody who is coming to wedding. Makes sense, right?

Then the day before the wedding, one of Dani’s bridesmaids has an illiterate moment and books herself into a different hotel of the same name (because somehow what was on the itinerary was not good enough even though there was a discounted rate) and then has a shit fit on Facebook about how much she spent on the wedding and blah blah blah right on Dani’s day. ( Seriously, no matter what your expense or issue, do not air on Facebook. That is not your fucking journal). If you have an issue, act like a grownup and handle it at a later date face to face. Some people forget, this day in question is not about you. It is about the bride.  


Believe after that complaining, I honestly didn’t think her unhappy ass would show up but she did. Very interesting.

Throughout this ordeal, Dani only vented to me and that was my job to be there for her so I am proud of that moment. Also, I would not have wanted it any other way.

The wedding went off without a true hitch. She was gorgeous and the venue looked amazing and the food was delicious.

I have never seen my sis so happy and I hope she stays that way forever.

Love you  guys
Love you guys

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