Shame this , Shame That..WTF

I really need to stop looking at my FB timeline. Seriously, every day I see something that just overly annoys me.  So it seems now that we as a society have this thing about shaming women. Now granted this is nothing new. Women have been shamed by media, men and other women since humanity began. The only problem is these days, someone posts a selfie and someone else doesn’t like it and their friends don’t like it and so on.

gerund or present participle: shaming
  1. (of a person, action, or situation) make (someone) feel ashamed.
    “I tried to shame him into giving some away”
    synonyms: humiliate, mortify, chagrin, embarrass, abash, chasten, humble, take down a peg or two, cut down to size; More

The biggest offense in shaming usually what a woman looks like. (Skinny,fat,acne,no belly button, highly sexual and whatever else society wishes to add to this ongoing list). No matter what women do in society , we will get shamed for it. Not wearing makeup. Shamed.  Being too skinny. Shamed. Being to big.Shamed. Being anything that society deems outside the norm, you will be shamed.

Now, I know men go through shaming but it is never to the magnitude of women. We are still buying into the  bullshit that clothing companies, media and even ourselves keep buying into.

Why? Because no one seems to want a female to be confident. We as a society feel the need to dent anyone’s armor that has been tempered a bit more than ours.

Now this image above bothers me on so many levels. The biggest one being the title  “What’s your excuse?” Now Ms. Kang here enjoys working out. That is her right and that is what she dedicates part of her time too as well as raising her children. That is wonderful. But at the same time, there is absolutely no need to shame someone else. We forget how many battles everyone is fighting internally and externally and be honest, some people want to be in shape. This means that want to maintain a healthy lifestyle but it doesn’t mean that they necessarily want to look like her.

There in lies the difference.  People are all different. Metabolisms, DNA, and whatever else nature wishes to throw into the human brew. We will not all lose weight the same nor end up with the same physique.

The other aspect is timing. Ms. Kang may have no idea what level each person who sees this image is at in their lives. Some could have just made the choice to improve their health, others could have just seen their doctor and found something that will work for them and others may be content with what they have already. Even today I saw an elderly lady in wheelchair who was be society standards obese and her legs were wrapped. My first thought was what could have possibly happened to her for her to be in a wheelchair. it was more concern as opposed to judgement because I do not know that woman’s life and what she had to go through but I honestly hope she was not in a significant amount of pain.

Then of course we get to another biggie, Slut shaming. Women who are comfortable with their sexuality and sleep with as many people as they choose to is labeled a slut. Meanwhile, men have been doing this for years and get pats on the back for being “a man”

What the hell? How in the world is that fair? I could give two god damns about who is sleeping with whom. My biggest issue with anyone who has multiple partners is not protecting themselves or each other. Other than that, I do not care. It is that person’s life but I sure as hell do not want them to die.


This meme above speaks volumes. Again, this is about personal choice. What someone chooses to do with their life only affects you when they affect your life. This weird competition women have with each other causing some men to think they are entitled to any woman ( but that’s another blog). So you aren’t the girl that everyone has had. Doesn’t make you any less special or more special. You made that choice and the other person made theirs. It is the same bullshit of some men wanting virgins while they can lay there happy go lucky dick anywhere they choose. ( control that small brain sirs)

We as a society need to do better. We keep trying to tell the younger generation to be better, yet we cannot seems to change our way of thinking. We love living under illusions. There is no illusion. There is a reality we need to face and face it down. We have generations trying to find their way the same we did growing up and going through the teasing and what not , but if we do not at least try to help shape their value system properly, we are still going to be shaming and passing judgement everyday.

Judge lest you be judged. Raise confidence and  mentally healthy people so we can stop going through all this BS.


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