Welcome to the 21st century…Era of Hypersensitivity

Hey Good people. I was having a discussion with my boyfriend about what is going on in the world. This concept of hypersensitivity is not new.

  1. Hypersensitivity (also called hypersensitivity reaction or intolerance) is a set of undesirable reactions produced by the normal immune system, including allergies and autoimmunity. These reactions may be damaging, uncomfortable, or occasionally fatal.

Now the above definition is based on the body and what can cause issues. But as with anything pertaining to the body , we forget feelings and the human mind.

This day and age we currently live in is reaching the volcanic eruption of Hypersensitive feelings. Every race on the planet has issues with being sensitive to certain topics and what has bothered a certain ethnicity for years. What is currently happening is that white people are now being forced to view the levels of white privilege that has been underlying for centuries.

Now while I cannot sit here and blame all of white culture about what has happened among their ethnic background but most of the culture has done nothing to change the status quo.  Whites are comfortable and the expectation is everybody else should just shut their pie holes about the hypocrisy and privilege that exists in white culture.

What is happening now is white culture as a whole is facing a mirror the size of the milky way of every level of past and present issues that have occurred.

MTV will be showing a documentary called ” White People”. It seems to be a documentary of what it means to be white in America. Now, just hearing the fact that MTV is showing this made me pause for at least 15 minutes. This seemed to me at first a joke. Some sort of Punk’d piece to get viewers back on a channel that hasn’t shown music in over 30 years.

MTV had at one point had the voice of a generation by not acting like their parents or their grandparents, Ushering is all aspects of social media and a voice to issues that did not always get acknowledged. But the fact that they thought it would make sense to do this makes me laugh.

I will say it now. I AM NOT LAUGHING AT WHITE PEOPLE. What I am laughing at is the fact that they felt this “documentary” needed to made. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!??!?!  

The sins of the father may not always be passed down to the kids. Horrible racist things are happening everyday and that is should be the focus .  The past cannot be changed but it can show us how we can change things to make the future better.

I sometimes think (again, my thoughts) that every ethnicity wants huge fucking apology from white culture. For every appropriated concept that is only deemed fine when they use it or do it. We saw how long it took for history books to get changed to tell the truth about everything that has happened in this world.


We all know white culture didn’t  invent everything ( no matter what old history books may have said). The aspects of this new hypersensitivity comes from the breakdown from political correctness . We are allowed to speak our minds and express the atrocities of the world.

While the country wants to paint it just a black and white issue but it is not. Latinos, Native Americans, Asians, Jewish, Italians and any other ethnicity that is not consider white Anglo Saxon.

Nothing I am saying is new. It just seems that we are all looking for some UBER white person to say “I am sorry”. Truth is you can’t get an apology sometimes from your own family so expecting from an entire culture is unrealistic.

Also, some white people need to get off the high horse of being “All these other ethnicity bitch about what we have done wrong and why can’t i say the derogatory N word”. Is the N word really what you are holding out for??? Your ancestors have said it for years and to think that language does not hurt , you are sadly mistaken. This word did not come from a good place. It came from a place of wanting to oppress a people and make them feel less than human. The bigger issue is why some white people feel they have the right to make anyone not white feel less than human??? When did the right just get passed to one culture to pass judgement on other cultures??

These are the underlying issues. The fact that white privilege is something that needs to be brought to the forefront now is astounding. A young lady by the name of Abigail Fisher wants to overthrow affirmative action because she didn’t get into her chosen college because she knows for a fact that the school let in students whose grade were lower than hers.

Every college I know had a criteria and it is up to school’s criteria to determine whether they will allow someone to attend their college or not.  But the fact that she wants to overthrow something that at the end of the day helped more white women than over any woman of color is astounding.

I wish I could find the person who decided it was OK to award mediocrity. People do not bust their asses in school, sports or the arts to have someone just award you just cause your happy ass showed up.

Life will not be fair. We have known this. What we want is for people to give the fair share before passing judgement. We have lost so many black lives because of prejudgment. There have been plenty of black men locked up only to be released because of bullshit circumstantial evidence. The central park five is a great example.

The truth is we do not have to accept the cycle of racist tendencies. I do not expect kumbaya on street corners but I expect that not every person I run into is going to just yell racist shit at me or view me lesser because of whatever your upbringing may have taught you.

In college, I lived below someone whose family was in the Klan. Yes, the KKK. I did not know this because she never treated me lesser. This young lady and I went grocery shopping together, did laundry together and basically formed a good bond while in college. It was not until I met her boyfriend and we sat down in her apartment that she and her boyfriend told me what their families were. Was I scared? a bit because I did not know what was going to happen to me. But then her and her boyfriend said ” you are nothing like what our families told us black people were.”  I went to the University at Albany in upstate NY. This was a multicultural institution. They had classes with people of different ethnic backgrounds.

Did I feel better about the conversation yes? Did it take some courage for them to admit that to me? I am sure it did. After that day, I realized that it is the interactions we have that sometimes seem so minute that make the biggest difference in our lives. It also solidified  that not every white person is programmed to hate because of a different culture.

But as with any ethnicity, we will always have to ones we will be embarrassed of. I guess white culture is facing this on a more statewide scale.  Good Luck!!!

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