How’s the weather up there??

Hey you tall girl. I do not know how to talk to you. I am going to treat you horribly cause I have insecurities. I am going to spew verbal diarrhea in the hopes that it will make you feel small and me feel tall. You are too skinny or thin. Your limbs are too long. You will never fit comfortably in a car. Do you play basketball, volleyball or any sport that requires you to be tall? Clothes will cost extra because you legs are long so you have to pay from the extra material. Dresses become tunics and the list goes on. Tall men won’t date you because they love short women and so on.

Being a tall girl at first was not always fun. My growth spurt happened the summer before my senior year in high school. My cross colors (oh yeah, I wore them)Cross Colours

Nothing like growing a few inches especially when you are natural red head and people viewing you different for your whole life.

I am not fashion model runway material and I am not mad about it ( at least not now). My mom and Dad’s DNA was good enough for me not to scare babies but after dealing with a grandmother who made fun of my knobby knees, pants became my friends so when the stretch marks happened and the legs lengthened, pants mocked me.


All of sudden, I grew out of the real cutesy outfits for ladies. No insult to my petite ladies but sometimes the longer ladies fashion,translation gets lost. This is especially true in some shoes.

All this negative things and you would think my world has ended. It is amazing how you feel about the world when you are young. Everything is always so extreme.

But as I got older, fashion was never truly behind. Most runway models are tall and the burgeoning market for tall ladies. Eddie Bauer, Land’s End, Alloy Apparel, Asos and so on.


Now while I do not always do the skirt (unless a maxi), I am totally happy with the my 6’1″ height. Love maxi dresses, Alloy Apparel are my friends for Jeans and Pants and DSW always has my size. It is truly fun to be tall now. You can reach almost anything and whether people say it or not, tall people give great hugs though i am sure it is not always pleasant for someone to have their face in ample bosom (unless you like having boobs in your face). You can always find us in a crowd which is good if you are traveling with a few people. You become a human landmark. 🙂

It took a long time to get comfortable with this but now being in a time seeing tall women do amazing things makes me feel better but actually seeing any woman do amazing things is glorious. Tall women just have to wear longer pants 😉

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