Oh Sarcasm, how you mock me?

I am not funny. I am not. I know this and some of my friends know it. I am not the one to bring the house down with laughter. not-funny-serious-face-05

I live in the land of dry humor and sarcasm. Some people are naturally funny. They can tell jokes and always be “on.”  I am not one of those.

  1. the use of irony to mock or convey contempt.
    “his voice, hardened by sarcasm, could not hide his resentment”
    Being sarcastic is not always easy. Because people will take you too seriously and you can unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings. You are accused of resting bitch face which by the way was probably made from the NYC subway rider face ( I might be biased growing up there and all).

I guarantee you will always have one sarcastic friend and that person will not always have many friends. It does take a bit to handle someone who is sarcastic. They always look upset and their facial expressions may only change if they are around people they truly love and care about.

I have realized that I am not much of a people person meaning I really do not like small talk.  And it is really hard to get past small talk when meeting someone new. I am too busy going through these weird mind jumps of “will this person like me? Am I being too creepy by listening and not talking?” (I swear it is very hard being an ambivert)

Definition of AMBIVERT

:  a person having characteristics of both extrovert and introvert

Most of the time I can do a little joke here and there and make people as comfortable with me as possible but I know I am not funny. I am the sarcastic friend at least when I first meet you.  I am the feisty redhead, the one who is over customers every where, the people hater ( not all people, mostly stupid people) and try my best to be a good friend. It is not that I do not strive for being a great friend but sometimes life likes to bump that out the way.

Again, Not funny 😉


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