Exercise human. Get your ass off your shoulders

I feel myself like most humans that exercise is foreign word and most times, a foreign concept of movement.  Every day we move. Walking , running , even dancing down grocery store aisles ( I have done this) 😀🎧

 But the problem is getting this exercise to get you to your optimal you. You should be exercising probably when you started running as a child , but other things have distracted us to become more sedentary and make chair and chips our closest friends .

This is not to disparage against anyone because I am quite guilty of this myself. There are times when the human animal wants to be sloth like. We want to invent tube foods for regular use rather than for space travel or for toothpaste.  Again, we are guilty of this at some point in our lives.
Now when you make this decision to make better decisions about your health, the changes will be a bit painful. You need to see your doctor and a nutritionist.  I recommend these two first because they are health professionals. Find out from your doctor what is going on with your body. Whatever you may find out ( hopefully nothing too bad) let it be the base as to why you want to be at your best optimal health. Then see a nutritionist.  I saw one and it was a very cool experience. She tested my metabolism and then made recommendations on what I should eat to maintain as well I what I may need to include to keep up with the calories burned while exercising.

 Once you have your template or base, it will come to the thought of how to attain your best health and shape. Again, you are making this because you want to see changes and not because some celeb or magazine told you too.  You have to make sure you have the motivation to do this.  Now, if you join a gym, do your research. Are you self motivated or will you need a trainer to push you? Will that gym offer classes you want? Is it an easy walk or drive from work or home ? Will go even when it rains or snows?  Laundry list right?  Well you are going to be spending your money on this monthly , so you better make sure you are comfortable with that debit hitting every month.

If you prefer to not be around other people, do you have the space for a home gym or mini gym? Mini gyms to me are yoga mat , set of dumb bells or kettle bells , yoga ball and anything else that is not a massive machine in your home.   Whatever you choose, again, you are spending your hard earned money on this so make it worth it.

Up next is the word most people hate, diet. (Get out your pitchforks). It is ok. Diet became a hated word because of the big diet crazes of the 80’s and 90’s. These days, it is all about teas.  They play up on the fact that human want things quick and easy and unfortunately while quick will not give you lasting results without you continuing the process. This is why you going to a nutritionist helps and understanding serving sizes will become your friends. Most if not all products will come with serving sizes. This is usually based on a 2,000 calorie diet per day. Basically , we have been told for years , “your body needs 2,000 calories to function everyday.” Remember, totally based on your normal activities. Needs may and probably will change once you start exercising.

 Next up, trip to the grocery store. Grocery stores will take on a whole new meaning. Fruits and veggies will become your friends. Fresh or frozen, these will become part of the staples. Nuts as well so if you are allergic, find good alternatives.  Find good proteins and good fats. Find ways to have healthy snacks inbetween your meals. Find out how much sodium and sugars are healthy to have on a daily basis. You will make brown sugar and honey substitutes for white sugar. Carbs that are  good to have. (I told you)

Now before you say “Jan, what the hell? This is ridiculous. This is a lot!” Response : NO SHIT SHERLOCK !!!!  This is your life and this is your choice. If you are happy how you are that is fine. Again, we make the choice to make these changes.

One thing to remember , you are doing it for you. This exercising changes will only happen being consistent. That is how anything becomes a success, consistently.

 So I wish nothing but success to all whether you do it or not. I know I am doing it because I am tired of shortness of breath and snacking on things like they are going out of styles.

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