I was not talking about you.


Well, it is the land of being misconstrued and misheard, we as humans can sometimes take things people do or say extremely wrong.  We are sometimes so caught up in ourselves that every time someone seems to be acting passive aggressive , somehow that shit has something to do with you.  

 1) you are not always the forethought in someone’s mind. Humans have thousands about thousands of thoughts a day. 

2) get over yourself. You can love yourself till the cows come home and possibly have an army of sycophants that will tell you that your shit is the best smelling out of all the shits in the world. The one derogatory statement that may be posted or said that you feel wronged by has possibly nothing to do with you. 

3) if what someone said or posted bothers you, before you begin to either defend or drop knowledge ask yourself why it bothers you. We sometimes forget that not every one knows what your story is or was and why you are the person you are today. 

4) no one cares. We care enough. Now, sometimes that enough can be plenty but most times humans do not care about hurting feelings especially to those we do not know. This is why it is always better to think before speaking always but especially in front of many. 

5) maybe what was stated caused you to reflect. Sometimes the ego can be very large. It can make your feel amazing and on top of the world. Nothing wrong with confidence but as with anything you have to temper it for it to maintain its strength. 

6) sometimes , it has to be like water off a ducks back. Try not to let the world affect you so much. Currently , I am surrounded by the sounds of many insects and birds . There collective sounds like just noise. I am sure if I were to consciously filter through listening I could focus on one. 

Just remember that not everything said or posted is in direct correlation with you and your woes. 

:drops mic and exits stage left:  


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