Social Media is not always your diary

Last night, Twitter was going off. There seemed to have been a huge flux of opinions flying for various reasons. The tirade however came from one individual by the name of Meek Mill.

Rap music has always had beefs. Rappers battling whether face to face , on wax, on mixtapes and in videos. This is part of what rap and hip hop culture is. This battles were to test an MC’s lyrical prowess and word play by taking jabs at the opponent. Most times it ends friendly enough and sometimes can end in death. However, in this new millennium, Twitter and Instagram has become the new battlefield.
Last night, Meek Mill decided it was time once again to be loud and proud. He went off on a tirade that most suspect seems to be some type of elaborate marketing ploy. The problem is that he has called out Drake for not writing his own verses. His timeline read of how if he had known, he would not have put that song on his album, how he is not fake and even pulling Drake’s label mates ( Nicki Minaj , his current girlfriend and Lil Wayne) that they know its true. He even has named a gentleman by the name of Quentin Miller as Drake’s ghostwriter.
Now let’s be clear. Hip Hop’s biggest faux pas is having a ghostwriter. When you are a rapper, you are supposed to be the one coming up with your own bars. You are supposed to be a wordsmith. I am sure this may hurt Drake in the short term, if he has a brain in his head and his business hat on, all the money he has earned is becoming long term money. Hopefully, he is not going to have to be dependent on future music to maintain his life.

What is weird about all this is that Meek Mill stated that he did this to prove that he has no chill. Everyone is boosting up Quentin Miller’s sound cloud and Twitter page, no one seems to be too concerned with whom Meek is proving this to? That is what I am wondering. I mean Meek Mill has a number one album and is earning his money so why should he have to prove he has no chill to anyone and of all people why go after Drake? One reason that was given was that Drake did not show up to Meek’s Homecoming concert. My question is why should if he he had prior engagements? No need to act like a petulant child just because someone did not show. Also that show is been done for a minute, so why wait to bring it up? Thirdly, why are you doing this ish on twitter?

This is one of the reasons why people feel it is a publicity stunt. You handle any issues like a grown person either face to face or a damn phone call. Do not treat social media like your diary. Everything is Re tweeted and cataloged. Be a Grown up and handle it like grown folks supposed to do.

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