It’s in your nature to destroy yourselves – T-800, Terminator 2


We have seen them. All the movies about how human beings are going to destroy the earth and themselves. Sadly , throughout the world’s history we have not been able to find a balance with nature around us. We hunt for sport when at one time it was just for food. We build all these massive buildings and cars and planes. We discover wonderful technologies and move the world forward all the time not always figuring what legacy we are leaving behind. 

Human beings have the luxury of being able to vocalize with words what they are feeling and what their needs are. Sadly, we are not leaving a better world for future generations to be proud of.  For every good in the world , it gets overshadowed by the horrible atrocities we do to nature and to other humans. Other countries have taken over other countries through violence, taken their history and culture and assimilate. Build these bullshit class systems to further put people in boxes and make them feel worse about their situations. Then we have to throw in racism because the DNA changes for different cultures is enough to label us different from one another though our insides are the same. Then let’s dash in sexism because one sex must feel superior.  


We want to inherently destroy everything about us. We aren’t always happy. We are depressed.  We have anxieties.  We are insecure. We are not sure of why we are here.  We are not sure of our true calling. None of these things are to be taken lightly.  This is humanity. But these are all the reasons  we have so many wars on sociological, psychological and economic fronts. Never mind the wars we fight in other countries , we have internal wars every day of our lives. 

We want everyone to accept us. We want everyone motto make fun of us. We don’t want people to kill us based on our color . We want was promised.  To be treated fairly and equally. We all want respect. We want the law and those to uphold it to be fair and just. We want everyone to look past their predjudices and realize that none of us will make it out this world alive so why hasten the journey for others. 

Why should anyone is the world not have the privilege to live a full life? Why should not signaling end someone’s life by the hands of the law? Why should I be suspected based on color of skin ? Why must we make excuses for those that oppress? Why can we not have to decent conversation without yelling? Why is it when we protest about our lives, it isn’t heard? Why do some just placate us? Why are we not valued? When did we lose the right to be treated as fairly as any other human??

:tears for all those we have lost for being human , for protecting freedoms and for those that tried to help make a better humanity : 

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