Learn the differences and then celebrate them


Welcome to Monday. New week and new mindset. You have to be very aware of your surroundings and your thoughts. We are constantly inundated with good things and bad things. Most of the time is seems the bad creeps in and makes us hyper vigilant to every atrocity in the world. There is no way to sit here and sugarcoat it. Yes the world is fucked up and we have to work harder to fix it. But we all know there is good in the world. Some sense of humanity is about and helping people, nature and animals. Trying to show everyone that when we work together, we can achieve great things.

The challenge this week is to look for the good and learn something new about a culture I know nothing about. Now I know these sounds like a over hokey idea. Rose colored glasses and peace and love. Not at all. This is a personal growth issue.

We sometimes forget that we have a brain in our head that needs constant input and what better way is to learn something new. Keep the brain fresh. The reason for the cultural learning is because I know what the world is today. We seem to just are quite comfortable with viewing the world through stereotype glasses. We need to get passed the comfort levels and zones. I am sure you know you life begins outside of it.Comfort Zone

Humans need to grow. Everyday all day.You need to sometimes look deep in yourself and figure what you don’t know. The unknown is scary but that doesn’t mean you should not take time to know something or learn something. Sometimes, it takes just an honest question. If you feel talking to someone is a bit off, the library is a great resource.  Take a moment and find out something new.  We as humans do not need to settle for what we know. We know the only constant in the world is change and old ideas may have changed based on new things.

Challenge yourself. Challenge your mindset. Challenge all the things you have known or not. You may discover a passion. You may enlighten yourself. You may enlighten your friends.


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