Did I send for you?

People will always feel the need to test something. Strength, animals and other people. It can get dangerous to test any of those put especially when it comes to animals and people. See, animals attack when provoked and people are able to do the same. The issue with people is you are not sure when they are going to respond. People enjoy testing the patience and time of other humans. Kids do it with their parents and other adults all the time. It is a right of passage for growing up. Nut once you are a grown up, why play this card?


Now usually people’s patience can sometimes be infinite. They just keep rolling through the punches and moving forward. But, people do not know themselves so how in the hell can you truly know someone else. This is where the problem lies. You do not know the other person. You may know of them and have a preconceived notion but you do not know them. The human animal will do anything when pushed against a wall to protect themselves.  We may view someone as soft and capable of not being mean or disrespectful. These are usually the quiet ones though not always the case.

When people retaliate or respond back , do not be so surprised by the response. You initiated an action and response was required. Now, the response may vary because you do not know where the level of patience is at and/or how long they have had to hear this over and over again.


Underestimating anyone can be a dangerous thing. You have the potential to have your ass handed to you on a platter or smugly ignored there by not valuing your very existence.

In this new day and age, people’s nerves are on end no more than ever. We all have to better, faster, stronger and fully capable. We have so much on our plate sometimes that the Bullshit is not needed or necessary.

So as much as we want to tease and try someone’s patience, please make sure you are dealing with someone that is not going through shit and is able to handle it. Teasing and trifling with people gets tired real quick.


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