One of these you gonna bring something home to me … Words from the wonderful George Michael 

Late afternoon here in the Midwest and I am currently vibing to whatever my iPod has on shuffle. Spin the wheel is one of my favorite songs from George Michael. George Michael is extremely talented singer and I have loved his music since the 80’s. 

Spin the wheel is basically about a couple where one is worried about where the other one goes and comes back to them at all hours of the morning. One of the key lines is “one of these days , you gonna bring something home to me.” This was during the heightened awareness of HIV and AIDS. This is not to say that other venereal diseases were not rampant but these were and probably remain the most talked about.  I will never be able to wrap my head around being in a couple but one person feels the need to step out while coupled up. I am not talking about polyamorous relationships where things are laid out and communication is and has to be always open. I am talking about those who feel the need to sneak behind their partner’s back and get themselves a fling. 

Listen, if your happy ass wants to pollinate the world by all means do you. Do not put time and effort into something that you already know what your nature is will not last.  Now granted , people have the ability to change but if you want to be free and easy , go ahead. What would be nice if people were just open and real with their behaviors. If you do not want to be “tied down” then let everyone you deal with what the end game is. No couple hood. Maybe a hook up here and there but nothing serious. It shouldn’t surprise that there are plenty of people that do not want to be in anything serious either. Also, for those that think you can change said individual out of their wayward ways, I wish you much luck. I do. We always want to change somebody. Change yourself first. Humans change when they want.  Not when you put them on a timetable. Fruitless endeavors and wasted energy you can put someplace that will yield better rewards. 

If you wish to roam, then protect yourself and others. I can’t understand putting someone else’s life in danger because of your proclivities. You should value your life as well. Why would you want to catch something and then some Typhoid Mary or John.  Hell condom companies spend so much damn money one making them feel like nothing yet offering as much protection outside of abstaining.  Don’t be that guy or gal caught out there having “on break” babies cause you all had a fight or some ish or popping pills or using creams to help clean you up. 

Have some level of respect for you and your partner. Break up and truly do that or never get yourself caught up in the first place. 

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