Judge you behind the screen

Humans love to point out faults especially on others. “Why are they out of shape, why does her knee look funny, how can you have your child around strangers?” The list goes on and on. In this new world, celebrities are judged more and more. They can’t breath wrong or look at camera funny without someone judging what the thought process is. Yes, celebrities get involved in this too. Sub tweeting and air in dirty laundry online like they do not have cell phones to get the message across to the intended individual.

Everyone and their mamas will have judgement oh these celebrities lives. Get mad if they are too open and get antsy when they are too private. I had someone even tell me ” well when they became a celebrity they signed up for this ? I was flabbergasted. Yes there will always be an interest in the lives but  since I only know what I see via media, there is only so much I could possibly believe is true. But I grew up in time when they talked about what the celebrity was doing in their chosen field of entertainment. I rarely heard about their relationships except for maybe red carpet events. These days with people online being more popular for gossiping about celebs and everyone needing to know what celebs do, the judgment has skyrocketed. So many keyboard warriors when there are so many other substantial things in the world to help to fix. Yes entertainment has its place, but just as you are making judgments on these people’s lives , you will be the same to turn around and flip if someone says something about you and yours.

Even if celebrities say something to defend themselves, it won’t be believed unless the person cares about the celebrity in every way possible to the point where they could wear garbage and somehow they are still “slaying”. Get real. You do not know these people. You love them for their talent (term used loosely) and what feelings they may give you. But at the same time , you can’t control them.

Human being cannot always control themselves so those that think a celebrity owes you more than an album, movies, sports wins and such, you have sad times coming your  way.

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