This term “unfuckwithable” is supposed to mean that nothing can fuck with you and yours. (Never mind it just continues to screw the English language) .  

 This is basically to tell the world that nothing can affect you which is not and mostly not the case. Human beings like to put up walls and defenses and show that world that nothing bothers them. But it is not true. Humans are bags of emotions sometimes and if you catch us at the right moment, we are all up in our feelings. 

This is especially true in relationships and I mean all relationships ( love, familial, friends). We get so affected by what these people do or don’t do that is  just unfeasible to be unfuckwithable. You can try and mind game yourself thinking ” oh I’ll be alright that ish don’t bother me “but it does. Then you wanna rally people behind you so you feel more right being caught in your feelings.

Get real. This ish only happens when you are not over something. If you did the right thing and it still got messed up, you would be ok. But if you acted shady and did something that would allow you to feel guilty, well that’s all in you. It always amazes me how some people always think the world revolves around them and somehow even if they screwed up royally that you will still miss them. Other folks who are real about themselves ain’t got time for the bs. You grow, you hurt, you mend, you move on. There may be some lingering feelings but not enough when you truly assess a past situation. 

Don’t be petty. You have to be a bigger person and move on. Due to this day and age of people thinking Facebook and Twitter are diaries, humans expose all their bs to the world then get mad when they are judged. No one asked you to spew the bile and guilt to help cleanse your bad karma. Do not get antsy when people come back with whatever they choose to. People always want someone to mind their feelings when they do not give a damn about others’ feelings. I’m sorry to tell you but it will never work that way no matter how much we would love it to. 

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