Happy New Year— Welcome 2016

Happy New Year 2016 Quotes

Well Well Well. A new year has begun and as with everything new, we want to start fresh. It is something about something being new that inherently makes us feel like we can take on the world. I do not find anything wrong with this feeling. After all, sometimes life can be the most frustrating and excruciating thing we have to deal with on the regular. We let every little thing bother us, mess with us and completely throw us off our game. It can get to the point where we are so mind fucking ourselves that we forget to do anything. I know someone who has body issues ( as if most of us don’t), but in her case, this is something that has gone on for most of her life. She has always worn a level of mask by being the funny one. It would drop from time to time because she would show feelings of jealously towards others getting attention. This is an understandable behavior.

We are humans and we are flawed. But the cool thing about her is she put her big girl panties on, took a leap of faith and now is accomplishing things she only dreamed of. See how amazing that is when you take the “leap of faith”.

Leaps of faith are so hard because we are totally ingrained that we need safety. We need security. But what has everyone seen? People who take chances are the people the world remembers. The ones who push through their fear barriers. The ones who sit down and decide that they want a better life will do something about it.

Safety as with time are both illusions. Humans always need something concrete to hold on to. We always need to feel grounded and while there is nothing wrong with that, you will accomplish nothing. Your life will remain the same if your mind, soul and feelings do not change. Before you think it has to be altruistic, it does not have to be. Be honest with yourself.  You can be selfish to a certain extent but you never will know if your story will inspire someone else to get off their ass.


So for 2016 make a promise to yourself

  1. you will take chances
  2. you will take failures as lessons
  3. you will trust your intuition aka gut (learn to fine tune it)
  4. be comfortable in your skin (if you aren’t, then fix yourself for you)
  5. let go and let GOD ( or whichever deity you believe in )


HAPPY 2016 . Today is the beginning of your Blank page. Make it a good story.

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