Just shut up and listen

Today at my job, I sat down and was talking with two of my co workers. They are in their late teens to early twenties. I put that in because I am almost 20 years older than them. We were discussing how people will come up with anything to make someone feel jealous or even some type of way about them.  The young gentleman is having issues with another young lady who I also work with. She is basically telling him that she has about 5 other guys wanting to get next to her and somehow he is missing his chance because she feels like he isn’t into her. Well, he isn’t and he has made this known or at least he thinks he has. She thinks he wants her as a girlfriend and his head space is not anywhere close to the proximity. But why oh why would you tell the next dude that you have what I colorfully called “layaway dick”. This statement will not make anyone want you more. All it is saying is that you have other options and this gentleman basically doesn’t want to be a part of them.  

Now while they laughed at the saying , it is a real statement. If you have people waiting on the wings for you, then handle your business. People will tell and show how they really feel about you, voluntary or not. You sometimes have to watch and listen for cues. And what is with the layaway plan with relationships these days. All these damn side pieces like everything in life has to come with an appetizer and dessert. Why is it so hard to fully enjoy your main course and make that part of your priorities? I could never get the juggling act some people like to do then cry bloody murder about all the dramas in their life. You only bring in what you put out. Some people it seems need to take that hard look in the mirror and figure out what they hell they are actually doing with their lives. 

Life is only truly hard if you put negative thoughts or issues in your way. So shut up and listen and watch what the world is telling and act accordingly.  


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