Let me come out for you 

We live in a world where sexuality is always seem to be part or the forefront when getting know about someone. This seems to be especially important when it comes to those in the public eye. For some reason, some people have some huge fascination with people’s sexuality. We are  always want to know if someone’s swings one way or another. Now, I get it. We find someone attractive, panties or boxers get wet and then we imagine naughty things. Believe me , I have imagined some pretty tawdry things with people I will never have the opportunity to meet or even be in the the same room with. But it doesn’t, at least to me , affect their levels of attractiveness. For instance, George Michael is a famous singer whose career began in the early 1980’s. He was part of the group Wham. I remember seeing all the videos. Short shorts, having fun dancing. Hell it was the 80’s. Pop videos were fun and colorful. I thought and still think he is very handsome. But when some women found out he was gay or homosexual ( make sure I am politically correct), some women were crushed.  I think that began the time of women trying to convert gay men straight. I know it probably stills try to happen to this day but I digress.  It didn’t hurt my soul that he is gay. He is still attractive. Even my regular everyday self has attracted both sexes.  I took it as compliment. It just means my parents’ genes are amazing ( yeah I said it).  
It seems these days that some media outlets as well as some people make it their lot in life to “out” celebrities. My question is why?? Why would you feel the need to do this when it is extremely personal? I mean yes these days people record coming out to their friends and family and the world gets to see the reactions and while some are open and loving, we know there are also plenty that are ignorant and very disheartening.  

But why in the media do we out people when they have full opportunities to do so? Why is it so important to know who is gay, straight, bisexual, asexual and so on?  Why do feed so much on this? Do we honestly enjoy crushing people or knowing something we felt we have known all along? What does this do? Humans hav this incessant need sometimes to be right , to know, to be all knowing. We were never meant to be all knowing.  Even though we now live in an era of “living out loud” and while that is great and it helps push many causes forward and open minds as best at it can (for now), some are not of this new millennium and living  out loud isn’t for everyone. 


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