Smiling in your face

Four days into the new year and already the old bs has come along. One of my co worker’s found out that someone was basically talking behind her back. The term liar was used and it was about her family.  She of course is upset because she doesn’t like confrontation but at the same time, she is not happy about someone talking behind her back.  

 Now I know humans gossip. It is actually part of daily lives especially in the workplace. Someone pisses you off and you vent. Venting is good and helps relieve stress but when your comments may cause someone to lose their job, that’s a problem. 

Even though you may feel someone is lying, be careful who you state this too. Some will run with it and flap their jaws to higher ups.  If you going to talk shit, then be prepared for the fallout. Though my co-worker will not talk to this in-duh-vidual, there will be some who will pull you to the carpet , both figuratively and literally. 

It will save feelings in the long run to be honest with the person you have an issue with. Bad feelings aside, people will know where they stand with you and that will help when having a sound mind. We do not have to be friends.  


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