Love your height 

Instagram is amazing. About 2 weeks ago, I decided to search hashtags especially about tall girls. Now I know tall girls are usually these gorgeous models on runways all over the world.  When searching the hashtag tall girls, I found all these gorgeous bloggers that are about 5’10” and over. Now while I am late to the hashtag party, it was amazing to see all these wonderful ladies being proud of their height and rocking some gorgeous fashion.


I had my growth spurt in high school the summer before senior year. I talk about this in a prior post but it still sticks with me to this day. I was taller than most of the guys in my high school and of course, I was deemed unattractive even to point of some guy putting in my year book ” you were kinda weird.” Funny haha I guess. I mean it hurt then but it made me laugh when I ran back into him and he was all like you are so pretty and we should be friends again. The issue was we never were friends. We were usually around the same group of people so friends by surroundings.

While I felt slightly vindicated, it didn’t last. After all, when you are working on being confident, there will always be someone or something to strike you down. I tried to be a model. Thought my height and build would be fine but you have to have that it factor and alas I did not. But seeing on Instagram all these wonderful ladies of different shapes and sizes and amazons (yes I love the term Amazon and no not talking about the website)made me feel better about not really being alone. Though I am not close to being a fashion blogger, I will do an outfit of the day randomly. I do not mind being a member of the tall girl club and though when I was younger, I was not to keen on it. Glad I got over that mess.


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