The Great Thong Cleansing of 2016

Now I know you may be thinking “of all things to talk about” but hear me out. Every person has a wardrobe and there are plenty of articles telling you about what to do about the clothes in your closet. We do however forget sometimes the chest of drawers and the biggest : underwear. 

Underwear most of the time is just there and women usually have underwear that cover all aspects of womanhood.  

I decided to this cleansing after doing laundry one day. I took a good hard look at my underwear drawer and realized that I have not sorted through it in a good while. (At least 3 years and yes I am judging myself)

I asked my boyfriend Jake to help in this ‘great thong cleansing’. After he laughed and had thoughts of what cleansing has meant throughout history, he decided to help. He sat on the floor and sorted through what seemed like an endless flow of thongs.  He basically laughed all the way through the process and then once all was said and done, I was left with about 15 pairs. Not bad considering what I did start out with in the drawer.

Please make sure that during your annual spring cleaning, don’t  forget your undies!!!!!!

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