Be Nekkid and be happy…..

So about a couple of weeks ago, Mrs. Kim Kardashian West posted a nude selfie. She received different responses but mostly imho were queries as to why she posted a nude selfie. While there were some who were saying and are probably saying that they were just jealous and Kim is celebrating her body. Mrs. West even came back and shaded these individuals who had a comment. After the initial responses, Amber “MUVA” Rose decided to come to Kim’s d 

 efense in the sense of how they were slut shaming and body shaming her. She then began to go into detail about how their lives should not be criticized or ridiculed because of preconceived  notions. I agree that we may not always know what people’s circumstances are and what lead them to certain life choices. The problem here is that their lives before and currently are all public. We know Kim’s and Amber’s humble beginnings were and we also know where their collective empires are now. The problem lies in the fact that society as a whole will criticize and will quickly bring up your past. 

Now while Kim and Amber are basically brands now, I will tell personally that I am tiredof seeing them naked. I get it. It is part of their brand and persona but I’m in the minority. Now I am only making a comment about it because now Kim’s selfie has started a movement by people in the public eye. Different celebs and pseudo celebs are now taking nude selfies in support. Great. Just great. While showing solidarity is a wonderful thing, most of us are everyday, regular people who have jobs that may be affected by what we do on social media. I hate thinking realistically ( no I don’t ). Unfortunately, we do not all the level of freedom that these celebrities do. Most of us do not have that sweet seven to eight figure bank account that can cushion us should our “freedom” to be comfortable in our skin goes wrong. 

I know Amber has a slut walk to help breakdown these names given to women who are open about their lives sexually and tell women it is ok to be them. We do however live in a society in which these terms are almost engrained and as anything which change, it will require time and lots of patience. Women who wear what make them feel confident no matter what are open to people making comments about it because somehow we got it our heads that every thing a person says now is fucking gem and worthy of being said and heard.  I think everyone should be allowed to be expressive without judgment because the life they lead is not mine and mine is not theirs.  

We are fully aware of those who do things for attention. The truth is humans can become numb to things that become the norm or part of regularly scheduled programming. Just make sure that whatever you or you brand is that is not truly dependent on one thing because humans these days get bored real quick. 

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