Pot meet kettle. “Hey nice to meet ya!!”

Once again Twitter brought to light another relationship gone awry. ( I swear people share too damn much). A young lady by the name of Kehlani was accused of cheating on her basketball player boyfriend. It seems that it caused her to almost take her life.  She posted images of herself in the hospital with her ex boyfriend basically by her side. Now my first thought is “why are we seeing this?” I figured when you try and commit suicide that everything is taken away you especially phones or anything that may trigger a relapse.  Now once this came to light, Chris “I have no room to talk” Brown decided to add his two cents. He basically called her everything but a child of God due to the fact of defending his friend. 

While it is admirable to stick up for your friends, he cannot exactly talk since his indiscretions are very well known from beating up Rihanna to cheating on Karreuche by having a child with another woman. This is why I hate the double standards placed on the sexes. He can be loud and proud about his foolishness and there are still females who love the ground he walks on. They call Karreuche a come up on his name and basically she would be nothing without him. He has shown plenty of misogynistic tendencies in his music, behavior and words. Unfortunately, it seems to just fall on deaf ears because he is supposedly attractive, sing and dance.  

Once it finally came out that Kehlani had actually broken up with her boyfriend and was not cheating, Chris refuses to take back was he said. He further exasperates this when talents like Zendaya and Tinashe decide to unfollow him and he is all the while proclaiming “they needed him.”  His behavior even when he had to go to anger management has gone unchanged. All the bs he spewed about his daughter making him a better man has gone the way of the dodo. Even with the endorsements taken away years ago, people still support him. 

I do not understand that at all. We let this man get away with all this bad behavior and people still put money in his pocket. If a woman in the public did this, she would have nothing and probably be destitute. She would be called a whore, bitch, slut and so on. Her life is basically over. 

People need to hit him where it hurts. Stop buying and supporting this misogynistic induhvidual and maybe then he will shut his happy ass up and work on actually being a better representation of a man for his daughter. 

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