Clean up in shoes, women’s, kids or wherever


My background is in retail. I worked retail for most of my life whether in store or corporate. Being in the service industry is thankless. People have no manners or respect these days.  “The customer is always right” has haunted the service industry since it was uttered. These days, people assume that means that companies are basically going to give them anything their little malicious hearts desire. 

I have heard and seen almost all you can in a retail environment. There are few things that are usually pretty consistent no matter the store. 

1) Everything is always in the clearance area. When an item has no ticket, the customer will say “I found it clearance.” Retail employees will mentally say “of course you did.” The other part to this one is the joke of it must be free. As if we haven’t heard that tired joke before.  Yes somehow you are the only person to tell that to us. <insert sarcasm >

2) “Do you have more in the back?” I will never understand why people think there is a huge stockroom in the back. I don’t care how big the store is. The store usually has most if not all merchandise on the floor. The only time this might not be true is if the store is a boutique where there is one item on display and sizes are given when asked. Most everyday retailers do not have enough people to running in back rooms looking for your large size blouse. 

3) Stores are not huge babysitting centers. You made your brood. Let your brood stay with you. Yes children have energy because they are young but that doesn’t give you Carte Blanche for them to run amok and open everything in the area. I never did this to my mother and neither did my friends (guess we were raised differently).  Remember, if hey break it, you gotta buy it. 

4) Being sloppy.   Why are you trying on over 30 pieces of clothing only to either leave it in the fitting room or bring it out hung up backwards. Yes we’re judging you and how your house looks. 

5) Being gross. When did actual home training go away? Why will someone fine a tampon in fitting rooms or you and your significant other f$&king in the room? You may be into the element of getting caught but for Pete’s sake. 

6) Asking for a discount on damaged merchandise. Will that ten percent make you feel any better knowing there is a crack in the mirror. Every time you look at it you will say “well at least I saved tax on you.” <chortle guffaw cough cough>

7) Being rude. The old adage you catch more flies with honey still rings true. You are still dealing with other humans and while most associates will not expect you to be sappy sweet, they do expect you to be decent. The whole attitude of “I pay your salary so I can treat you like shit” won’t fly. Most companies try to work with you but remember it is a business. Any yes we have all heard ” I WILL NEVER SHOP HERE AGAIN!!”  That’s is fine since your credit card has already cleared for your purchase. 
Now if you will excuse me I am going to look for the wayward lid for this box of shoes. 

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