As part of the new feel for TheOGBKLYNGIRL.com, I have decided to do interviews. Since watching people is one of my favorite pastimes, it is nice to sometimes actually talk with the person.  Sir T’Challa aka TJ is the 1st person to inaugurate the interviews. TJ is from Omaha, Nebraska. 

Please introduce yourself. I am  TJ Renfrow and I’m a rapper.

 How long have I known you?  We’ve known each other since late August of 2015
 What is/are your goal/goals in life?  I have three major goals; To do something with my music, start a family and be happy ( I love that you included happiness)
 What is/are your passion/passions? My passion is creating music as it allows me to express myself and what I think/feel.
 Who are your mentors? I’ve come across a few different people who molded me into the artist I am today. Citoe, Syiea and Bo Hustleholic are the top three.
 What was your first big job? First big job? Construction.
 Any expectations from your career? I don’t have any expectations. ( I have a feeling this means the music will speak for itself)
 Have you had any hardships? There’s a few different times where I wanted to give up on my music. One example is when I got laughed at during my acapella of Right Now back in high school.
 Who have been your saving graces?  My family keeps me going.
 How would educate someone who was interested in getting into your field? Do what makes you happy and what captures your ear. ( There’s the happiness again)
Thanks TJ for giving me and my readers a glimpse into your life as a rapper.
You can find TJ all around the internet.
Youtube: TJunior
Soundcloud: TJR and TJunior
Reverbnation: TJR
Facebook: TJR
Twitter: TJR – TJunior
Personal Website:TJR247

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