Once a Lushie , always a Lushie. 

I worked for Lush USA about 5 years ago. It was one of the most defining experiences in my retail career.  Most stores I have worked for the merchandise basically sells itself. There maybe a few questions here and there but not level of immersiveness that is the Lush company.  As a former employee, you had to approach customers that came in to the store. No matter how worldwide Lush is, there is still a level of being almost underground. People have come in to the store I have worked at and have even left because  you will have an employee asking you every open ended question to find out what brought you there. Most people enjoyed their time because you get “felt up.” Now before you get your bowels all upset, there are hand, face and even foot treatments that are given at anytime ( foot treatments usually take place in the late spring and summer). 

When I worked there, no cost was involved in getting the treatments. But because you are receiving this wonderful experience you can’t help but want to buy. Your skin feels glorious and most of the time, you smell amazing. There are so many things to try and choose from that the possibilities are nearly endless. 
You may ask for samples but don’t get greedy. Absolutely no reason to be that way. 

One of the best scrubs they have is Ocean Salt. This is a wonderful salt scrub. It scrubs away layers and leaves your skin so soft. If you are of a delicate nature, just water it down a bit.  

Made with seaweed and vodka for the toning aspects, your skin will be amazingly bright. There are so many amazing items that are available and most locations are not huge. They truly don’t need to be as they want you to smell and touch mostly anything. The other awesomeness there are the bath bombs.  If you love baths like I do, these needs to be part of your rituals. I will warn you. These are natural ingredients and some are really pigmented and my stain your tub of left too long after you have finished bathing.  Basically, clean your tub once done. Here are a few of my favs:

  • Avobath   
  • Big blue   
  • Fizzbanger  
  • Dragons egg  
  • Twilight  
  • Honeybee  

There are also plenty of newer ones which I am looking so forward to trying them. Also, they came out with perfumes about three years ago or so. The smells are amazing by definitely try them on your skin. 

This is why you will require many trips to and from to get everything you may want. I will tell you that the upfront cost may have some of you clutching your cards. The wonderful items especially the liquids, smoothies,moisturizers and cleansers have a shelf life. There are stickers on there that have to face or the person that made it and the time frame you have to use it. Most items can last you about  6 months to almost a year depending on how frugal your are with use. The employee should explain to you that a little goes a long way. Now I am sure you are thinking that you have heard that before but at Lush, it is absolutely true. Your skin will love you forever. Go a visit a Lush and come out with bag of goodies.  


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