Can I get a f*&K you???

Today’s music Monday is dedicated to the one and only HOVA aka Jay Z aka Shawn Carter. Born and bred brooklynite and grown up in the Marcy Projects. His past could have dictated a completely different life for him but instead he has amassed a vast empire from music, clothing, sports and liquor. There is actually that Mr. Carter probably doesn’t have a hand in. The one thing I love about Jay Z outside of lyrical prowess are his gems about life. 

“You learn more from failure than success.” People outside looking in just see the successes. We never see or want to see the failure. Failure makes us feel bad but as he stated you have to turn it into a lesson. Life teaches us every day. You have to ask yourself during what is considered your downtime, what are you doing? To succeed on a dream you have, you have to be able to dedicate as much time as you possibly can. Stopping and starting may hurt your heart but you can’t give up. Most people will never understand the what you are doing until the stars and universe align for you glory. Keep the faith in you and life will work with you accordingly. 

Can I get a f&$k you is actually one of my favorites in his library of music. What I appreciate about any artist is that you can always tell where their minds are at. Each song and album is a snapshot of a time in their life. We may not always agree with the message but if music or any form of art doesn’t make you feel, it may not be living up to its full potential. 

Shawn Carter actually represents what the American Dream looks like to some who grew up in what is considered the ghetto. Yes we want to be rich because we know it makes the world go round and it basically helps get things done. He is now a married man and father. I doubt that when he was rapping about money, cash, hoes that he saw him marrying someone who he considers his best friend and someone who basically change his outlook on life. 

Props to you HOVA. May your blessings continue to grow you and your fam. Brooklyn forever.   


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