Diamonds and Pearls 

The legend from Minneapolis has passed away. Prince was always in a class by himself. His music transcended whatever the music world deemed popular. Prince drew you into his world and most of us never wanted to leave.  How could a man the 5’2″ in stature, able to wear a size 2 in women’s ooze a level of confidence and sexuality unparalleled by most artists? It was just a part of him.  It never came off as fake or forced. It was a part of him. I grew up with Prince from purple rain till now. I remember the ass-less yellow suit at the VMAS awards show on MTV (this was before everyone got their bees in their bonnets about body parts on tv). 

Even though I wasn’t lucky enough to see him in concert, watching him on tv was always an experience.  You never knew what Prince would do and that was part on the excitement.  Whether with the revolution(loved Lisa on keyboards), new power generation or on his own, in my humble opinion he never disappointed. Prince came around during a time when you truly appreciated an album. Back during a time where you listened to albums from beginning to end. This is not to say there were not tracks I didn’t care for but because of who he was , I have each a fair listen. There are very few artists these days where I give the whole album a chance and I think it’s speaks volumes about the music industry itself.  

What other artist could  sing a song called “sign o’ the times ” singing about all the issues going on  during that time.  Prince and Madonna were the only ones who were considered controversial during my youth but music has a way of making us think of these issues.  Who did not play 1999 when the new millennium was upon us? Who didn’t rock out to the batman soundtrack (Michael Keaton one)? Prince was a legend before his untimely passing. His music not only touched us but the music world as well. He was the first artist to fight for the rights to his music and wore slave on his face when he went up against Warner Brothers. He was the creator. He had every right to own his music. 

Thank you Prince for your music, your light and your soul. 

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