Out of the dark. Enter the Ninja

One of the more talented individuals I have had the opportunity to meet is Jason Rodriguez. I met Jason while working for LUSH Cosmetics and honestly LUSH was just a job for him.  He was always posing and dancing and luckily for Lush, they wanted people with personalities. Jason’s love for dance always shown through as well as the love for voguing. I harassed him for an interview and he obliged me.


1) Name and Occupation: My name is Jason Anthony Rodriguez and my house name is Slim Ninja. 
2) How long have I known you? I think we have known each other for 4 years so far
3) What is/are your goal/goals in life? My goals are to become a successful professional dancer in either a concert dance or commercial setting. To also continue teaching and spread the knowledge of dance. To be the bridge to make sure it reaches the youth in my community and others alike so the arts is apart of their enrichment process. 
4) What is/are your passion/passions? My passion is creating movement or reflecting another persons idea of movement in a clear and connective way to any audience. It’s also to enrich poor communities with the dance world.
5) Why did you choose your field? I wasn’t exposed to dance until I was 19 and always had an issue about it since I lived in a city that breathed dance all around me and never got an inhale. I choose this field because since the first day I saw real live concert dance, I was obsessed and wanted to gain knowledge as swiftly as possible.
6) Who are your mentors? My biggest mentors are my best friend Tamisha Guy, my close friend Chris Hernandez, my ballet mother Dorit Koppel, and my teacher from college Kevin Wynn. I choose my friends because the energy you surround yourself with is what you begin to radiate. These two individuals have shown me so much transformation and creation within themselves that to be around is a wordless joy. Dorit, for having built up my base, which is Ballet, from literally nothing has changed my world to be able to be a strong dancer no matter the aesthetic. Kevin has changed my world both via dancing and teaching. He helped me open my eyes really be able to dance through exploration. Through teaching, he has given me a structure or guidelines on how to lead a class and continuously expressing support to students within the environment genuinely.
7) What was your first big job? My biggest job so far was teaching at Purchase College I’d say. I was subbing a few classes which was a random blessing. 
8) Any expectations from your career? I don’t have expectations in this career because everyday in this career is never the same than the previous day. It’s always changing and every audition has an unexpected ending.
9) Have you had any hardships? Hardships! Financially of course! You get use to it though. Mostly, myself. I’m my biggest hardship in my head but hey that’s an artist for you. 
10) Who have been your saving graces? My mentors and friends for sure. They are a priceless and unlimited supply of support which I wouldn’t be here without it.
11) How would educate someone who was interested in getting into your field?I would point them to the direction of institutions I know would kickstart their life from a human being to a dancer.
You can find out more about sir Jason on Instagram : Slim Ninja

DOWN from Calvin Seabrooks on Vimeo.

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