Staring into oblivion 

Today, someone decided to tell me not to be angry. Now, most New Yorkers I know who have grown up there have had this resting bitch face before it had a name. I have always had a problem with having a smile on my face. I always feel your feelings should be genuine. This however does not mean that I am upset at most times of the day. Most of the time I am in deep thought. Unfortunately, working in retail people automatically assume that if you aren’t smiling , that you hate everything and everyone. Let’s be honest.   We as humans can sometimes be so selfish that all that matters in our world is us. As for me though, I never forget my surroundings. I know when people are around or getting closer to me.  When people feel the need to tell me what I am feeling , they either get a response or I stare into oblivion. I try not to be rude because I wasn’t raised that way. (Oh the days of being raised). I am very much an ambivert. I can be quiet and other times be as loud as I want. This is one of the time when I responded and basically said I wasn’t angry or upset. 

As I sit and type this, I realize that when you do not do what’s considered an atypical response , something must be wrong. I have many thoughts during my waking hours and believe if half of these thoughts came to fruition, so many would have been maimed or hurt whether physically or mentally. I do not really have time for the fuck fuck games. 

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