“Bag lady” – Story 1

People watching has always been a favorite pastime but working in retail only enhances it. Unfortunately, it is not in a good way. I have decided that it would be fun to just talk about the random things you see as someone who works in retail.

( Names have been changed or added to protect the innocent or not)

Time: 1:30pm

Location – Midwest

Store- (protected)

Area of store -Handbags

What I observed – As I was running clothing back to the women’s department, I noticed a woman with at least 15 handbags that were the size of tote bags. I mean these were black hole bags if I ever did see. It seems she went through and collected all the big bags she could find. I decided to watch to see what she was going to do next.

She then placed all these bags on the floor. ( Um where carts, people have walked and some child’s sugary confectionary have been) It is now time for here to try on each bag and see how each fits.

This was about the time I alerted my coworker C to check her out. C was always flabbergasted at what was occurring.  We both went back to our respective jobs. About 10 minutes later, the customer was done. But instead of putting the bags where from or better yet, just hand them off to an associate, she proceeded to pile them all on one hook.


The picture does not show all of them because they just wouldn’t fit.

Conclusion – She did not buy any of them and her life was spared.

Story ended.

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