“But I’m on the phone” – Story 2

Cell phones have made our lives easier but they have also increased the level of rudeness in people. 

Time: 12:34

Location: Midwest

Store šŸ˜¦ protected)

Area of store: Cash Register

Observation: I was covering someone’s lunch break at the cash wrap. I have rung at least about 15 people before she arrives. I hear the conversation as she is coming to my register. I look at her. She looks at me and continues to talk. I do not say a word. I ring up her items and bag them. She hands me money. I give her change. She takes her bags and leave. Internally, I wanted to ask her where were the manners her parents taught her. 

Conclusion: Being rude guarantees your cashier hates you and sees you as a heathen.  Hopefully, she never returns. 

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