” I need to touch or smell it”- story 4

Now, I know that when you go out and shop, you sometimes have the ability to touch items. But in retail, it seems humanity is the epitome of bad touch. 

Time:  1:09 pm

Location : Midwest

Store: (protected)

Area of store : Beauty

Observation: There is huge shelf of fragrances.  Most are secured in an alarm tag and then there are some that are taped. Since she must know the smell, texture and feel of everything ( heavy sarcasm) she opens it. As if she already bought it. Sprays the perfume on herself, put lotion on her hands and uses the hairspray to set her hair.  We are not a beauty salon. 

Conclusion: Manners count. Stop dipping your fingers in every damn thing. No one knows where you or your fingers have been and respect the store. If you see something taped, there is a reason for it. 

Once again, her life was spared. 

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