” I have an Opinion”

Yesterday, one of my  coworkers posted a video on her Facebook timeline. It was a video about living in one place versus another. My coworker’s opinion was that how can you actually have an opinion when you have not gone out and actually experienced the city. I stated that is how we function these days. Offer up opinions without the slightest preface.

Sometimes, when we have our followers on social media and they ask our opinions on different topics, we will oblige. The difference is we really have to tell as much of the truth about our opinion as possible. I could sit here and type that Ihop is the best diner type restaurant I have ever experiences in life. What I may have forgotten to tell you is that I haven’t tried any other place to eat. ( that was just an example, I love food too much to limit my palate)

The issue came up because of how limited the experience was in said city. When you do not go out and experience life or culture as fully as a city offers, your opinion will become truly biased and extremely limited. There is also the fact that people who grew up in the area may feel a level of offense. I am a home grown New Yorker and Brooklyn being my borough of birth.   I have read and seen somethings about New York city recently that make me twinge. After all, my whole city is gentrified and people who have lived there for years are being pushed out. Reading articles about “if you are a real New Yorker” Please you are a real New Yorker if the attitude and life is yours. I know some from out of state that can blend into the New York Mentality without a breath taken.

It is great to have opinions yes but make sure that opinion is as informed as possible without making these blanket statements. We have all seen what blanket statements have done to this world in general and it has left many woefully ignorant.

Remember friends, opinions are like assholes. Everyone has one. Just be careful spewing your shit all over the place.

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