Hello. It’s me. 

Good afternoon.  Well last night was the current Potus last speech to the nation. He went back to Chicago where he started  his campaign over 8 years ago. He told of what was accomplished and we as the American public need to accomplish. 

That right there. What we that American people need to accomplish. For too long most of us have allowed the government to dictate our lives.  The old saying of the only things guaranteed in life are death and taxes. But realistically, the people have more power than anyone especially in the government wants to tell you. We have seen when corporations are not forthcoming with information. We have seen it when our elected officials act a fool. We have even corrected our own friends and family when people get rowdy. We have to learn the art of self governance. President Obama stated that in his speech.  We are really blinded by the fact that these are people that are ELECTED. This means that if they are not doing the job that they said they would do, throw them out on their ass. For too long we have people in the senate and house that have been their over 30+ years. Why would anyone realistically want to be  a career politician?? For all the Joe Bidens, we seem to have a plethora of Mitch McConnells.  What else could they possibly be receiving that would make them want to stay?? Well let’s see. We know what lobbyists are right?  A lobbyist is defined as a person who takes part in an organized attempt to influence legislators. 

What are these lobbyists doing to influence the reason why we have to have NODAPL? What are they saying to get legislators destroy our natural resources like we have any other place to live ??

We have really gotten lazy when it comes to our own safety. I am not talking about the big issues that we read about or hear about on the news. I am talking about looking within and then outward. We are so quick to say America is the greatest country in the world but yet we can do some pretty idiotic things. 

I know racism is not only the United States problem but it boggles my mind that it is considering we are a national of immigrants. When did we lose sight of what lady liberty stands for? These are not just symbols or empty words. We want people to stand for the national anthem even when it is within our right not to do so. We say you are going against the military yet we have men and women fighting for a country that hates them just based on the color of their skin. How is that patriotic?  Americans always want to pick and choose what to be angry about but the truth is we are all human.  When 9/11 happened I was at work on Union Square. I got to see both towers go down. I witnessed humans worried about other humans not based on creed, color or religion. We worried on a humane level. People walked and talked with each other to make sure we were ok. 
I know it is unrealistic to expect kumbaya everyday, but when rights are being taken just because you don’t understand something, take it upon yourself to educate yourself. Do not wait for some news outlet to do it. Ask someone who maybe going through or has experience and even then research for yourself. 

We can’t constantly lump people into their monolithic groups but we sure aren’t making easier not to do so. 

All know is we are in for a extreme bumpy ride in this  country and now is the time to put in the REAL work. 

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