In the wise words of Beyonce ,”Dont Hurt Yourself

Welcome to Black History Month. This is a month in which black people celebrate all the past accomplishments of our own people. I applaud this month because I have learned more about Black people in recent years than I have throughout my time in elementary school.

This post however is more about what black people can do now to take care of ourselves. Black people have lived in a country that constantly assaults us ( passively or actively) with what we are supposed to be or what things we are supposed to view as okay. This is how we internalize our stresse causing problems like health and mental issues. No matter how much strength and resolve we show, there are times when we need to good cry and/or the ability to just beat up on something to release it.

We should always take time for self care. This requires finding out what will calm our spirit and put us in a better mindset. Currently in the United States of America, we are fighting wars on all fronts. We are fighting to retain basic human rights, women’s rights, our natural resource and land rights. It is almost as if Karma is tired of America’s bulls%^t and is testing us like we have never been tested before.

Our Facebook timelines are filled with highly problematic political issues and we have friends that either antagonize us or support us and those that want to fill their pages with sunshine and lollipops. We are watching people cope in their own ways. We want to scream at friends for supporting the current government and we want others respect our right to put whatever we wish on our own walls.

This slippery slope can get annoying and put you in the worst of moods. This is when we need to step back from social media, television and find something that will help our minds and out souls.

First, make sure that you do not overeat. This will do nothing but make you sluggish and run down. If you want to eat food, make sure it is either a fruit or a vegetable. Something that will help bolster your insides.

Secondly, find something that calms the savage beast within. We know music is great for soothing our souls. Sometimes just having listening to music can help change your mood instantly.

Third, do the craziest cleaning you have ever done in life. This means straighten up your home or cleaning out your car. Doing something so mundane can trigger your mind to just focus on that rather than what’s bothering you.

Fourth. Buy yourself a journal. There is something about writing out your feelings and thoughts that can help immensely. You may never revisit the pages prior but you got your feelings out.

Fifth. Drink responsibly. I am all for those who may need a glass of wine or a beer to calm themselves after a trying day. Just make sure it a crutch for just getting through your day.

Sixth. call a friend. Sometimes hashing things out can bring up laughter and help reduce your stress levels.

Seven. Meditate. Take deep breaths and relax yourself. Sometimes, just the act of breathing and quiet will help change the energy in your and around you.

Eight. If all else fails, seek  therapy. Therapy does not have the stigma it used to have. It is a reality that people really do need help with their mental health.

You are a human being and you need to sustain yourself to be here for as long as you can be.   Your mind needs to be clear and free. you deserve peace and happiness.

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