Burn in effigy but don’t blame me

Trump this and Trump that. Since his inauguration, it has been a cluster of what he is doing and what isn’t doing. How his cabinet are essentially idiots ( I tend to agree) and basically that the four horsemen are just waiting for his thin skinned ass to push a button. 

Now never mind the political issues because this man still has not given up running his business nor minding his business. He is now tweeting in defense of his daughter’s clothing and accessories line not being carried in stores. Nordstrom led this charge and now more companies are finding their own ways to follow suit. 

TJMaxx decided that they were not going to feature her products and of course there is outrage. The range from “I’m boycotting TJMaxx and its stores because they carry the brand to “feature it so I can buy it.”

TJMaxx customers and employees sound off

The big issue here is that while corporations can easily make these statements, the common man will run up into locations and start crying bloody murder to the store’s staff. They want answers from employees that realistically are not paid enough to deal with this foolishness. See this is what happens when people get wound up about the wrong thing. If Ms. Ivanka Trump’s line was not meeting the bottom line for these stores, they have every right to either discontinue or stop featuring her clothing. In the case of TJMaxx, all the article stated is that they will not feature it. The real question is if neither company stated anything about her line, would you honestly as a consumer feel slighted? Most companies these days have on online presence and unless you are just dedicated to one brand, you would not notice at all. 
There are unfortunately many issues and concerns that revolve around the Trump clan. Clothing or accessories being carried in a store will not make or break you. 

Focus the energy to something more productive so retail employees won’t talk about you once you leave the store. 

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