Don’t leave us out 👀👀👀👀

I know I am getting old. There are things that my mind cannot truly wrap itself around these days. Celebrities unfortunately cannot do right or wrong without someone having a stick up their ass about it. But it also seems that everyday people cannot do anything without someone having issues with it. 

Most people of color have a rich tapestry of culture , experiences and life lessons that we all can learn from and develop and appreciation for them. Whether it’s learning a new language or just learning something about someone’s religion or even their experiences on how they grew up can open your mind to many wonderful things. However, when you may come from a background that may not have had many different experiences outside your circle your knowledge can be very limited. 

These days, people do not read or take the time to research before they begin typing away at these opinion pieces. Notice what I wrote OPINION PIECES. Now opinions are based on someone’s feelings most of the time and whatever knowledge or lack thereof that they may have. 

I recently saw an op ed piece and Beyoncé’s pregnancy and also saw quite of few memes about it as well. Now I know there are plenty of people who can’t stand her. Everyone feels she flounces her money and is always in your face. I appreciate her music and her talent but realistically the media is always seems to be putting her is something in which she hasn’t made a statement of to show she is involved. Her current pregnancy she decided to share with the world since she when she was pregnant to with Blue Ivy,people accused her of a surrogate. 

As soon I saw that was picture posted on Instagram, I liked it and moved along my timeline. I then began to see articles and imagery of people parodying it , making fun of it and down right copying it.  

Then of course there is this meme of a nurse being pregnant and saying close to the effect of Beyoncé you aren’t special just because you are pregnant. Now, while the everyday woman may not be put on pedestal for working through a pregnancy ( which in some cases I doubt) everyone seems to forget Beyoncé’s  job is an entertainer. She is in the public eye at any given moment with paparazzi everywhere. 

The media perpetuates Beyoncé being special as if there weren’t plenty of women in Hollywood and entertainment that didn’t walk around with pregnancy bellies. But I’m not going to compare one to other.  After all I know plenty of nurses who work their asses off but I know Beyoncé  hones her craft. Two different jobs and two different set of circumstances. 

The op ed piece I saw in Twitter was written by Naomi Riley. You can click here >>  NY Post op ed piece to read it. 

She basically talks about being pregnant is not a miracle and that Beyoncé is not a goddess because she is carrying children. She also goes on to talk about Adele mentioning her post part in and not feeling like herself after her baby. Discounting her feelings about losing herself. Money doesn’t change your emotional feelings about motherhood. She may have plenty of money to take care of her child but we are not in Adele’s mind and for all we know she may have been under extra pressure because she is a well known singer. I am not sure where this woman’s head it at but I would never discount feelings of how someone feels being pregnant. No matter how many advances we have made in medicine, carrying a child for a woman is a precarious time. Most women suffer miscarriages their first. In my humble opinion, women are goddesses for carrying a life for 10 months. To deal with the physiological, emotional and mental changes of themselves and still do what they need to do is an amazing feat. I have heard many guys call their women goddesses for carrying their child. I personally have never had a child but I will be damned if I am going to offer up some half assed opinions on what a woman  should do or look like while pregnant. My first thoughts are usually how the mom is feeling and hoping her baby or babies will be healthy. 

Women are the carriers of life and for some reason there is usually a woman of the Caucasian persuasion who seems to have issues with what Women of Color do especially when they are famous. Hell even when they aren’t , Women of Color are never allowed to fully shine. 

I am still trying to figure out why some white women feel left out. What are some of you exactly left out from ? The stories , the movies , affirmative action have all been made to either elevate you in some way. You are never left out but what you are feeling is now is that Women of Color are telling their own stories and. Now you have to listen. You can appreciate from or hate from afar but your opinions are not needed when it is neither asked for or required. 

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